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| by Farida Abdel Malek

You Can Totally Stop Using Shampoo Now! Heard of Co-Wash?

Three women from our Fantasy team are Co-washing. So, I gathered all the information I can get to make sure your life is a lot easier if you decide to start the Curly Girl Method. These Tips could help you power through the transition phase of itchiness and irritation. So don’t Relapse! Stay strong and stay away from the Shampoo!

If you're wondering what Co-wash even is, well, you're in for a surprise. It stands for Conditioner Only Wash. Yes, you can wash your hair with only conditioner! Some conditioners actually include a percentage of cleansers that are more gentle than the ones in shampoos. This shower method is loved by curly haired girls wanting to bring back their loopy curls. It consists of cutting out all harmful chemicals that are usually present in our everyday shampoos like sulfates, silicon, and harsh alcohol.

When the hair has a lot of texture it could be drier than normal, so the curls don't get enough oil to them, and they lose their twist. According to our Fustany girls, co-wash gave their hair strength, softness, decreased hair fall, prevented slip ends and even got rid of dandruff

This all sounds great, but here's the tough part. When your hair is transitioning from what you're used to, sometimes all hell breaks loose, and your hair doesn't look good at all. So, read the following tips on how to start the method, and how it can be made easier. 

1. For starters, you need to get rid of all the silicone in your hair from previous products. Use a shampoo with a lot of sulfates and no silicon at all. Example; baby shampoos, they are a good option.

2. To actually start Co-washing, you have to make sure that your conditioner has no sulfates or silicon. Use the conditioner twice, once to scrub into your scalp for 4 minutes, and another time to actually condition by saturating your hair really well and leaving it on for 15 min.  

3. To deal with the first signs of irritation, try putting a bit of Peppermint oil into the conditioner to give you a fresh feeling.

4. To relieve any scalp itchiness, apply apple cider vinegar on your hair. Use 1/2 cup of the vinegar over 1 cup of water and rinse your scalp.

5. If tip 3 and 4 are not giving you enough of a cleaner feel to your scalp, use a brown sugar scrub to rub into your scalp with conditioner. 

6. For the bad hair days, you want to do a deep conditioning hair mask every week to counteract any dryness. 

7. The easy way to maintain the hair's curl and help speed up the results of Co-washing, make sure you use only microfiber towels and satin pillowcases.

8. The last thing to remember is that it gets easy and better with time. Whenever you find yourself reaching for the shampoo bottle, look for hair inspiration online, and remind yourself it'll be worth the wait. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @yarashahidi

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