Have you ever neglected your hair for so long it became so dry and damaged? Many women tend to do this mistake, and the results are normally not so pretty. If you neglect your hair, it becomes dry, weak and easy to break. But don’t worry, because I have 10 tips that will fix your dry hair. Just remember, treating dry hair will need commitment and patience, because you can’t start a treatment and expect results three days later!

1. Feed your hair.

When you eat healthy food, you feed your body with the right elements it really needs. So, if you want to have healthy hair you need to eat some of the following food: Eggs, spinach, lentils, carrots, seafood, whole grains, and nuts.

2. Take your vitamins.

Your hair's health condition tells you a lot about your general health, so, you need to make regular check-ups to make sure that you don't have any vitamin deficiency. Many times you can suffer from a hair problem, that you think can be solved by using a magical shampoo, while all really you need is to take a certain vitamin.

3. Apply hair masks once every two weeks.

There are enough natural homemade recipes of hair masks in the world to treat dry and damaged hair. And some of them are very easy to make, and some others sound crazy to make. One of these masks that we talked about before was butter. Another great way to lock moisture in your hair is coconut oil, and whatever mask you choose to use, make sure you do it only once every two or three weeks. 

4. Get a trim regularly.

Ladies, did you know that you should get a hair trim every 45 days? Yes, it's a must, because a regular hair trim gets rid of split ends immediately. Don't underestimate split ends, for they can make your hair weaker and easy to break. Also, split ends cause that crazy hair frizz that ruins your whole look.

5. You really need to stop washing it every day.

A while ago, Kim Kardashian revealed that she washes her hair every three to five days. Yes, you read this right. Washing your hair frequently strips it from the beneficial natural oils your scalp produces, so, yes the dirty hair is good for hair growth and healthy locks. Women who wash their hair almost every day suffer from either excessive hair oil because the scalp is fighting the dryness caused by shampoo and chemicals by producing more oil so the skin doesn’t break, or they suffer from dry and dull hair, depending on the hair’s type.

6. Try to avoid blow dryers.

The heat coming out of blow dryers and straighteners damage your hair in the worst way. So, if you blow dry your hair every day, I suggest you start embracing your natural hair. Also, you can start using a diffuser. A diffuser is basically a blow dryer attachment that minimizes a lot of the frizz that comes when curly hair is naturally air dried.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @k.rensantos