Hair; the threadlike strands that are growing out of your scalp. How much attention do you pay to your hair? Sure, you wash it every other day and do a couple of hair masks here and there, but are you actually paying good attention to your hair? Do you notice when your hair needs a trim? If not, then you really should pay more attention to your hair, and here are six signs that you need to head in for a hair trim.

1. Split ends.

This is the easiest factor. Look at the ends of your hair, if your ends are looking worn out, and your strands have split into two small strands, then it is time to head in for a little trimming. 

2. Knots and tangles.

If you cannot detect split ends, then knotted ends will also be a sign. While brushing your hair, if you are always coming across knots that cannot be brushed out, then it is time to head in for a trim instead of damaging your hair.

3. No volume!

Every now and then, your hair will feel as if there is not volume to it, looking flatter and not like its regular structure. Schedule a trim and revive your hair.

4. When was your last trim?

If you cannot remember the last time you went in for a trim, then it is time. Try to make your hair trim a constant in your life, going in every few months to keep your hair healthy. 

5. Uneven layers...

How embarrassing does that look? You want your hairdo to look fresh and clean, not formless and uneven. Divide your hair into two parts and braid them, the ends of the both braids should be the same length. If not head in be sure to head in for a trim asap. 

6. Chemicals in your hair!

If you have undergone any hair transformations (keratin, for example) that involves chemicals in your hair, you should head in for a trim regularly. The chemicals dry up the hair leaving it brittle with split ends.