Since hair loss is a common issue women suffer from, we decided to share with your five tips to prevent hair lossDandruff, hair dyeing, pollution, stress and straightening your hair are all common factors that immediately lead to excessive hair loss. Check out the five tips to prevent hair loss and get the voluminous shiny hair you want.

1. Water, water and water!

Water is one of these best ways to prevent hair loss. Drink between 8 -10 glasses of water everyday. It will make you hair shine, prevent split ends and will make your skin glow as well. Water has loads of advantages, always carry a bottle of water in your bag.

2. Home Treatments.

You don't have to spend a fortune on hair remedies. Just pay a visit to your kitchen and you’ll find all what you need. Surprisingly, garlic juice is considered one of the greatest hair treatments as it triggers blood to your scalp, hinders hair loss and will relieve dry hair. All you got to do is crush a garlic clove and rub it into your scalp.

3. More Sleep.

Studies have shown that people who sleep less are subject to hair loss. Whatever the cause is, sleep deprivation is an indirect cause of hair loss. Prevent hair loss by getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily so you can allow your body to repair and regenerate.

4. Eat Healthy.

Cut your caffeine intake. Most of us need a daily dose of caffeine, however high caffeine intake might lead to dehydration and will use up body fluids which leaves your hair brittle and weak. Load up on foods with Vitamins A and E as they have endless benefits to your hair and can prevent hair loss. Vitamin A, keeps your scalp healthy. Eggs, fish and milk are rich with vitamin A. Vegetables, oils and nuts are rich with vitamin E as well. Vitamin E will it increase blood circulation in your scalp but also it will help to prevent split ends.

5. Scalp Massage

Hair follicles are constantly subjected to drying and styling products that leads to follicles getting blocked. Coconut oil acts as a perfect moisturizer for your scalp as it opens up clogged hair follicles as well as preventing hair breakage. Try massaging mayonnaise or green tea also, gives hair a healthy allure and prevents hair loss.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @xeniaoverdose