Dirty hair is the biggest beauty nightmare that could ever hit any women, but wait until you read the following lines and discover that the best thing you can ever do to your hair is not to wash it!

A while ago, Kim Kardashian revealed that she washes her hair every three to five days, yes you read this right. Washing your hair frequently strips it from the beneficial natural oils your scalp produces, so yes dirty hair is good for hair growth and healthy locks. Women who wash their hair almost every day suffer from either excessive hair oil, because the scalp is fighting the dryness caused by shampoo and chemicals by producing more oil so the skin doesn’t break, or they suffer from dry and dull hair, depending on the hair’s type.

So here’s the right hair care routine you should follow throughout the week.

1. On day one, wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and then you moisturize it and blow dry it or let it air dry, as you like.

2. Before you go to bed, put your hair into a loose braid if you want to wake up with some curls. If your hair is straight, then gently tie it with a silk scarf, and you’ll wake up with zero frizzy hair.

3. The second day you’ll wake up with similarly good hair as the first day, but if you want your hair to look as good, then you should probably add some curls with a flat iron or some volume by teasing the crown of your head.

4. On the third day, dry shampoo should step in if your hair started to feel a little bit greasy, if not then just do the same thing you did the day before.

5. On the fourth day, you hair is now officially greasy. No, it’s not time to wash it yet! It’s time to get a wet hair look or a high and sleek ponytail.

6. By the fifth day, you’re ready to wash your hair and to start your week all over again.


- When you use a flat iron, make sure that the heat is mild or low, you only want to adjust your hairstyle. Too much heat can break your hair and make it weak.

- The dry shampoo will give your hair a pleasant smell, if you don’t want to use too much of it, then you can spray a tiny bit of perfume on your hair brush before you style it.

- Trimming your hair regularly and getting rid of split ends will make your hair look very healthy, even when it’s greasy.

- Natural hair masks every couple or three weeks are crucial to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.