Ghadeer Ali is a 30-year-old woman; she's a freelance marketing consultant with a passion for life, who dearly loves, yoga, art and nature! That aside, Ghadeer's curly hair is probably the first thing you notice about her, which in fact gave her a hard time as she grew up, until she had the mystery of curls solved, and totally embraced it.

We reached out to Ghadeer, and she mentioned that she used to struggle to style her curly hair, and almost (always) ended up having it in a bun, until she found out that she can "free" her natural curls. Nowadays, she even goes to weddings in her natural curly hair state, and people often ask her if they can touch her hair! Read along to discover Ghadeer's curly hair routine, and get styling tips and tricks.


How often do you wash your hair?
Every two days, and sometimes every day, but I try to not use the shampoo on a daily basis.

What’s your technique to get the best curls after showering?
I dry my hair with a T-shirt instead of a towel, NO COMBING, and using an oil replacement cream or serum.

Can you list the hair-care products that you can’t live without?
- Herbal Essences 'Hello Hydration' shampoo and conditioner.
- Lasio 'Hypersilk' soothing balm and advanced serum.
- Pantene oil replacement.

How do you style your hair before sleeping to maintain your curls?
I rarely do, but if it looks crazy in the morning, I just use water spray to redefine the curls, and bring sexy back!

Trimming curly hair can be tricky! Is it better to cut it wet or dry?
My hairstylist does it both ways - she starts with wet hair, then dries it and retouches it.


Could you give up your heat styling tools? Tell us more about it…
I actually don’t use any, except in the winter, I use my mini Braun blow dryer on the lowest heat setting. During the summer, I go without a dryer.

When your hair needs nourishment, do you apply any treatments?
Yes, I prefer organic ones. My favorite ingredients to use are coconut oil, aloe vera, avocado and papaya.

A life-changing hair tip from one curly-haired girl to others…
Don't comb your hair, just detangle with your fingers under the shower while conditioning. You can also use a Tangle Teezer brush, and voila!