Having thin hair can be annoying sometimes, you usually find it hard to style it in a way other than straight. However, what if I tell you there are 11 hairstyles tricks that will give your thin hair more volume and make your hair look thicker? It's doable even at home, so instead of heading to the hairdresser every time you want to get volume, just check out these 11 amazing hairstyle tricks.

1. Layered hairstyle

This trick is awesome. Cutting your hair in layers is a great way to give your hairstyle more volume. Next time you pay a visit to your hairdresser ask him to give your hair a layered look,  you will notice the difference between your old look and your new look immediately. 

2. Use hair rollers

After showers, use wide hair rollers and let your hair dry naturally instead of using blow dryers. This old fashioned trick will give you fancy curls, thereby giving your hairstyle more volume. 

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3. Don’t brush that often

Try to avoid brushing your hair frequently as every time you brush, you lose some of your hair,. Stick to brushing your hair only once per day, this will increase your chances of giving your hair any sort of volume. 

4. Forward hair brushing

This trick is also an old fashioned one, but it guarantees you an amazing look.  Right after you blow dry your hair, throw your hair forward and start gently brushing. Next, flip your hair back  and adjust it just the way you like it. You won't believe how much volume you can add to your hairstyle with this trick. 


5. Use volumizing  hairspray

I don’t really recommend you use this product a lot as it eventually ruins and dries your hair. But, it’s definitely a life saver when you’re short on time and energy and need to add some volume to your hairstyle. 

6. Use dry shampoo

Washing your hair everyday can lead to very tired and thin looking hair. Thus it’s preferable to wash your hair only twice per week. For the rest of the days if you ever feel like your hair started to look dirty or oily, which will eventually make it look weirdly straight and sticky, just spray the dry shampoo and you’ll add some fluffiness to your hair.

7. Tease your hair

The fastest way to get more volume is by teasing your hair. Start by sectioning your hair, then using a long tail comb take the inner section and start brushing backwards to the roots. Then cover the brushed hair with the rest of your hair, and there you go, you just added more volume to your hairstyle.  

8. Fuller ponytail

I love ponytails, they're easy to make and they help give your hairstyle more volume. So, if you want to add some volume to your ponytail, here is what you need to do.  Separate your hair horizontally into two sections, grab the lower section into a ponytail with a thin hair band, then grab the upper section and make another ponytail. This trick will give the illusion that you have long and thick hair. 


9. Use eyeshadow

Who loves empty spaces in their hair? To avoid them and give off the illusion of voluminous hair, use an eyeshadow that has the same color degree to you hair and color in the empty spaces. This will make your hair look thicker.

10. Hair bun sponge

Don’t worry about having a very small bun, now you can make your hair look longer and thicker with the hair bun sponge. Just make a high ponytail, put your ponytail inside the sponge and spread your hair all over it to cover it and then fix the ends of your hair with bobby pins.

11. Secret bun

This trick is one of the best ways you can give your hairstyle more volume. Right in the middle of the back of your hair take an inner section and make a small bun, then cover it with your upper hair. You are bound to notice the instant volume your hair just gained.

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