Many women are embracing their curly hair now, and are letting go of their flat irons. They are also looking for natural products to make their curls more defined and frizz-free. And they found the perfect one, Flaxseed gel

Flaxseed gel can be applied safely to your hair from roots to ends. After you take a shower, wash your hair and apply a good hair moisturizer, you apply the Flaxseed gel, and then you scrunch your hair to create the curls. The Flaxseed gel will define your curls and will make them feel soft and bouncy. 

Benefits of the Flaxseed gel:

1. It defines your curls and it keeps them frizz free.

2. It softens the hair and it gives it a natural shine.

3. It induces the hair growth.

4. It contains Omega 3 and other vitamins that your needs, so, obviously it's very beneficial for your hair's health.

5. Flaxseed gel also makes your hair more flexible, which lessens its probabilities to break.


How to make Flaxseed gel?

- Pour 1/2 cup of Flaxseed into a pot, and then add 2 cups of water.

- Put the pot on the fire, and stir every once in a while until it starts boiling.

- Turn off the fire as soon as it starts to turn into a gel, you need it to be something in between runny and hard. 

- Using a strainer, pour the flaxseeds and the gel into a jar to separate them while it's still hot.

-  Wait until it cools down, and then put it in the fridge. You can use it for two weeks. 

Note: You can Vitamin E to the Flaxseed gel, and you can add Aloe Vera gel, tea tree oils or any oil that you like its smell.