Maintaining strong and healthy long hair is not an easy job; it actually takes time and dedication from your side to get shiny and supple locks. Strong and healthy long hair doesn't grow over night, there are certain tips and tricks to keep your long hair really healthy, and we’ll walk you through them all in details.

1. Don’t be afraid to get rid of the bad ends regularly.

Not just to give your hair a fresh look, but getting your hair cut regularly can help it grow fast and in a healthy way. Keeping the bad hair ends won’t add any length, it will weaken your hair, make it thinner and it won’t grow the way you like it.

2. Long and healthy hair starts from a healthy scalp.

Taking care of your scalp is the main key to long healthy hair. Massaging your scalp without using fingernails doesn’t only keep you relaxed; but also it helps the blood circulate better in that area. Fighting dandruff is very important, clogged roots can stop your hair from growing healthily. How about a natural mask to detox your scalp? Even better.

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3. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet.

If you find your long hair really tangled after a shower, avoid brushing it when it’s wet. The amount of hair you’ll lose will only make your heart ache. Put a hair serum and gently use your fingers to try and untangle your locks. After your hair dries, start brushing it gently.

4. Brush your hair every day before you go to bed.

Brushing your hair before going to bed will keep you relaxed, but there’s so much more to brushing. Brushing your hair allows the natural oils to come out of your, natural oils are very beneficial to your hair health and growth.

5. Styling your hair every other day will break your hair.

Using heat everyday on your hair will weaken your hair follicles and will lead to very tired hair. Imagine you’re putting this heat on your face, you’ll burn it! Your hair and scalp are as fragile as your face. So be careful how you use straighteners and blow dryers on your hair, they could be the cause why your hair is breaking and not growing.

6. Don’t wash your hair every day.

Washing your hair every day leads to worn out and weak hair, as it becomes very easy to break. You're constantly stripping the natural oils away from it. And as a defense reaction from your body, your scalp produces more oil to moisturize the dry scalp, so you feel like you need to shower every day. Get your hair used to be washed every three to five days and you’ll see the difference.

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7. Invest in a satin pillow or Egyptian cotton pillow cover.

Sleeping on a satin pillow or an Egyptian cotton pillow helps you avoid tangles and hair breakage. So, it's really worth investing in a fancy pillow to help keep your long hair healthy.