Nine Mistakes You Are Making with Your Hair Straightener

Nada Allam
8/7/14, 12:00 AM

Truth time, you won't always head to the hair salon for a quick blow out when you can straighten your hair at home using a flattening iron. Correct? If you are one of those ladies who cannot live without your hair straightener, and have a mini travel one, then pay good attention because you may actually be making nine crucial mistakes with your hair straightener.

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1. Straightening your hair when it is damp

If you hear a sizzling sound as you apply the hot iron to the hair, then you need to stop immediately. Hair must be completely dry before flattening it, as that way you are actually boiling the hair follicle, rather than straightening it. 

2. Not sectioning your hair

An iron only works well on small sections of hair. You need to start from the inner hairs at the back of your neck, and work your way up to the outer strands. That way you can avoid having to repeatedly place the hot iron on your hair.

3. Using the wrong heat setting

There is a reason why an instructions pamphlet comes with your hair straightener. You need to set the heat according to the type of your hair. The heat setting of thick frizzy hair is very different than that of fine hair.

4. Not cleaning your hair iron

If you look closely you will actually find that the sides of the iron has accumulated lots of dirt from the air and styling products you use. You need to clean your flattening iron regularly, just make sure to do that when it is not hot.

5. You are pulling out hair strands

If you are pulling out hair strands while using the flattening iron, then you are doing it wrong. Start at the root, pull your hair upwards, not downwards, and drag the iron gently across small sections of hair. 

6. Not using a hair protectant

Just like your skin needs SPF against the sun, your hair needs a thermal protectant against the flat iron. Just add or spray some hair protectant to your hair when it is damp and leave it to dry before you start straightening it.

7. Not allowing your hair to breathe

One of the worst things you can do to your hair is putting it up in a ponytail or bun right after straightening it. Flip your hair upside down and use a hairdryer on the cold air settings, this will give your hair a chance to cool down before you start styling it.

8. Not brushing your hair

Do you expect the magic ceramic iron to untangle the knots? You need to brush your hair before using the flat iron, so it can glide smoothly and no need to repeat the process more than once.

9. Picking the wrong hair straightener

This is by far the most important factor when straightening your hair. You need to invest in a flatting iron that is suitable for your hair type and will last you a good few years.

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