I'm back with another TikTok hack, which you can thank me later. And if you're wondering if TikTok is still a thing, the answer is yes! I spend the majority of my time on it, and it's full of hidden hack gems like how did we survive before all these useful hacks, from makeup to getting over your ex, yes there is a hack to it, but maybe I'll share it later with you because today it's all about foundation. It's wedding season, which means you'll be doing your makeup a lot. Don't worry, because I've got you covered with these hacks. Everyone will think you had a professional do your makeup, when in fact you did it yourself. Let's take a look at the 6 Tiktok hacks that will chnage your foundation game.

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1. Color theory foundation hack 

This hack requires you to travel back in time to primary school when we used to take the color wheel. It's all about mixing colors to create the perfect foundation for your skin tone.

The steps: Make dots all over your face with the colors red, blue, yellow, and white, and to your surprise, they will blend into a hue that is a perfect match for your skin tone.

2. Nobody wants an orange foundation

Another hack that will bring out your inner artist, because how many of us are stuck with an orange foundation? Or a foundation that doesn't match your skin tone, this hack will come in handy! 

The steps are: It's very simple. Use a blue color corrector to balance out the orange foundation. Blend it well, and voila! You have the perfect shade for you.

3. Using your foundation to create a glowy look hack 

This hack will save you a step in your makeup routine because it combines two products into one to give you smooth, glowing skin with a simple trick. It's as if your face is a walking filter.

The steps are: First, combine a gel-textured primer and foundation until well blended. Next, apply it to your face and it will instantly give you a flawless finish. You've just saved yourself some time and you got that perfect glow look. 

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4. Making your foundation last longer hack

This hack will simply change your foundation routine, and it is all about applying products in a specific order to help you achieve makeup that not only looks smooth and flawless, but also stays put all day without creasing. and I believe a long-lasting make-up look is just goals!

The following steps are:

Step 1: Begin by moisturizing your face.

Step 2: Apply a light layer of translucent powder to the face.

Step 3: Then, spray a setting spray.

Step 4: After your setting spray has dried, apply a face primer.

Finally, apply your favorite foundation.

It's a five-step process, but the end result is well worth it.

5. Foundation hack for oily skin

If you have oily skin, you are probably aware of the struggles we face when it comes to applying makeup and keeping our skin from shining. This hack will make your face shine-free and smooth.

The steps are: It's a simple hack that will make a significant difference in an oily girl's make-up routine. To begin, thoroughly blend your foundation with setting powder before applying it to your face. Once well blended, apply it to your face and then sit back to admire the shine-free results.

6. Covering up stubborn acne or blemishes hack

Most of us have had a huge break out in our face before any kind of big event and started to panic about it, but this hack will actually save you when you have an event coming up and your face decides to surprise you with a pimple or anything, this hack will make you ready for anything.

The steps are: Begin by applying a primer. Next, use a concealer brush to apply concealer over blemishes and allow it to dry for a minute or two. Finally, and most importantly, without first blending in the concealer, apply the foundation over top with a makeup sponge. As a result, a flawless complexion without the look of caked-on makeup.