10 Beauty Brands That Embrace All Types Of Women

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9/5/21, 12:00 AM

With so many cultures and backgrounds, there is so much beauty out there. We all look so different, yet each undoubtedly beautiful. There is also so much uniqueness out there to appreciate,  it is a really great time to admire other women's beauty. There being an entire industry out there to cater the self-care needs of both women and men, certain standards must adapt as we go. Which is why we decided to work on this piece; 10 beauty brands out there that embrace all types of women. 

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Why is it important for beauty brands to provide shade ranges?

Well, because we’re all different shades and it's just unfair, more importantly unethical to not do so. In the past, many brands have been called out for their lack of diversity and options available for women of color, and now more than ever, it is important to continue to cater to all audiences. If a brand doesn’t have a decent shade range at this point, they’d be out of business in a second.  It's important for us to feel like the products at beauty stores are meant for us all, or that there is indeed something in there for HER.

Fenty Beauty


Image credits: Fenty Beauty

This is the brand that was first recognized for its diversity of all shades and hues, when Rihanna came out with her beauty line, which includes a range of makeup and skincare, no one could stop talking about the fact that there were so many shades to choose from for all skin shades. Ever since, Fenty Beauty has been the role model to other brands who didn’t cater to the larger audience that was there, when it really was necessary.

Our favorite product: Fenty concealer is sent from the gods, and if you don’t have it already you certainly need it. With around 50 shades, the brand really goes out of its way to make sure there is an option for all, no wonder Rihanna’s been so busy.

Huda Beauty


Image credits: Huda Beauty

One of our personal favorites, it’s not like any on our list need an introduction, but we sure know this one doesn’t. Huda Kattan is the IT girl in the Arab beauty space right now, and it’s for a reason. All her products are really high rated, and if we haven’t tried them ourselves, we have friends who go on and on about them. This Arab beauty mogul is also a good pick for vibrant pigments and bases that will flatter all.

Our favorite product: We first fell in love with Huda Beauty with their lipsticks, but the liquid metal eyeshadows are and will remain till the end of time a staple in our makeup bags. The consistency, finish and pigment allow for everyone to be able to play around with their eyeshadow, as it should be!

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Shea Moisture


Image credits: Shea Moisture

Founded in 1991, they now carry on the legacy of Sofi Tucker who moved to the US after selling shea butter, African black soap and other natural products in Sierra Leone before. The brand is considered the number one hair care brand for Afro hair. The company has expanded and has hair, skin care, bath & body, baby and men’s collections as of right now.

Our favorite product: The hair line has a product line for every different hair type. Yep, you read that right, no matter if your hair is straight or curly, high or low porosity or hair type (Types 1-4) Shea moisture's products are bound to leave your hair super smooth, hydrated and bouncy!

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MAC Cosmetics


Image credits: MAC cosmetics

Where do we start? Ah, MAC. One of our oldest and most precious brands, growing up it felt like there were only a couple of beauty brands available (I said felt, don’t attack me) and MAC was the holy grail. Surprisingly, MAC has always had a wide range of shades (for how limited other beauty brands were in the past ten years) than its peers. With a wide range of products to choose from, you know that MAC has got suitable options for you. MAC, as of 2018, carries 60 shades of foundation. With a whole variety of products, you’ll comfortably find what you need there.

Our favorite product: The lipsticks just feel like home to us, they’re so wearable and look great on every shade (we hate those annoying lipsticks that look different on cooler skin tones than they do on deeper ones.)



Image credits: Supergoop

Founded by Holly Thaggard, this brand gives us serious Kourtney Kardashian organic natural beauty vibes. The brand attempts to provide natural products , avoiding the harsh chemicals used in beauty products. Supergoop makes SPF and skin care products with no white residue, which is a common issue in skin products due to the white casting/ chalky finish it leaves.

Our favorite product: The sunscreens, they’re so light and refreshing you feel like you just  applied a face mask, they make your pores feel clean and your face super soft. With super organic and natural ingredients, the SPFs don’t leave your face feeling like there’s a thick layer of glue stuck on it, or give you a white cast, which is so annoying in itself. They even have a CC style tinted sunscreen that is 10x better than any BB cream.

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Shade M Beauty


Image credits: Shade M Beauty

Founded by Arab makeup savvy entrepreneurs Nour Khalife and Jolie Nubani, the brand initially is for those who have been overlooked in the mainstream. The brand uses their art to portray levels of art and creativity. Shade M created the concept I AM MY OWN SHADE to encourage women to speak up and embrace themselves. With a range of over fifteen shades to choose from, there are shades for any look you are going for.

Our favorite product: The lipsticks, duh. The pigmentation and finish of the lipsticks look both so creamy and wearable with the pigments showing the same on every skin shade, which is something many brands have been called out in the past for.

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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


Image credits: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

This brand has been around for a while, focusing on enhancing not hiding one’s natural beauty, Bobbi Brown is overall a makeup junkie favorite. They really do credit themselves, as they should, for providing a diverse shade range during times where that was extremely rare and setting their own standard within the beauty industry.

Our favorite products: Their skin foundation stick is truly something we didn’t know we needed until we had, so practical and easy to re-apply (although we doubt you’ll need it).



Image credits: NYX

Born in LA, NYX doesn’t just call itself a makeup brand, but a community of its own. The branding is focused on embracing one’s fierce side and providing all with the opportunity to get creative. This is really highlighted when looking at how diverse the brand is, and we love it. Every collection NYX has is full of beautiful electric colors to play with, not to mention their staples, eyeliners, lipsticks/paints and foundations are constant repurchases on our personal shopping lists.

Our favorite products: Despite our personal obsession with eyeliners, we would really recommend experimenting with the skin bases available, both the concealers and foundations. The brand is affordable, of great value for money and very adaptable according to the look you’re going for.

Morphe Cosmetics


Image credits: Morphe Cosmetics

Back in Los Angeles in 2008, Morphe Brushes somehow became the talk of beauty bloggers, artists and fanatics everywhere. The company originally focused on brushes, but then branched out to sell their (now known for) eyeshadow palettes, as well as the rest of the basic makeup necessities such as skin bases. Morphe has an extended range of tones from deeps to rich,  and have a variety of products with innovative formulas and technologies.

Our favorite product: Filter Effect Soft Focus foundation has so many good reviews we feel left out, the variation and availability of skin shades is so welcoming within itself, the technologies the formula has is as strong as hyaluronic acid to hydrate the face are the extra kick.

Beauty Bakerie


Image credits: Beauty Bakerie

This makeup brand first began by catering to women of color, specifically and has the most adorable packaging we’ve ever seen. Their products are supposed to be like, insanely good. Cashmere Nicole was recovering from a double mastectomy back in 2014 when she was asked to do an interview for Beyonce’s website on her new cosmetics line, yeah you read that right, this brand is recommended by Queen B herself.

Our favorite product: Their Flour Setting Powder looks heavenly, and won’t give you that dry, just powdered my face finish. It also noticeably blurs your pores to give you that ‘airbrushed’ look. With a range of 6 shades, it is suitable for a wide variety of complexions.



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