Ah, foundation. Which girl hasn’t had an embarrassing foundation fail, maybe when they used their mums a little too pale shade and showed up to school looking like a clown? Foundation has been a staple makeup product since the beginning of time and makeup itself, with our advancements in beauty and skincare, along came the variation of foundation and bases for your makeup we now know today. But how do we pick the correct one for ourselves?

Five Steps to Prepare Your Skin for a Flawless Makeup Look

Now there are several factors to consider while picking a foundation, its adaptability to skin, coverage, finish, affordability and skin type. This article will briefly walk you through each factor.

1. Adaptability to the skin: The skin picks up and absorbs different foundations in different ways, this is not just due to skin types but, also skin textures. Each skin texture will make the foundation adapt to it, but not like the other one. Skin texture also changes all the time as there are many things it consists of, not just general skin texture but also acne and our skin debris.

2. Coverage: This is how well the foundation conceals and covers the skin. There are both heavy and light foundations, and the choice between them depends on several factors such as the foundations adaptability, for what or when its being used and personal preference of coverage.

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3. Finish: This is the overall result of the product on your skin. How well it works on the skin in terms of absorption (skin type, etc.), skin texture and coverage, but also how it genuinely sits on your skin. The finish also refers to the effect it leaves on your skin, if it creates a glow that can be used to create a dewy look or is matte.

Matte VS Dewy:


Matte options to give a try:

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless

L'Oréal Infallible Pro Matte

Makeup Forever Velvet Skin

Huda Beauty Faux Filter

Fustany Tried It: The Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

Dewy options to try:

Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid

Rimmel Lasting Radiance 

Nars Sheer Glow

Fustany Tried It: This Lancôme Foundation Balances My Skin Perfectly

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So, which one should you pick for your skin?

Well, that’s a tough question to answer through a screen but as we mentioned throughout the article, this depends on your skin. This doesn’t just depend solely on your skin type, but also on its texture. If you have oilier skin, a matte foundation is recommended to control the absorption of oils in the skin, creating a smooth mattified look. If you have drier skin, a dewy more hydrated foundation is preferred to give you the glow you’re going for. Combination skin girls are lucky, as they can choose between both, it all depends at the end of the day on the look you’re going for.