How to Make your Makeup Sweat Proof

Nada Allam
7/28/21, 12:00 AM

Let me paint you a picture, you have a morning event you are going to, or even a night one, you go all out with your makeup, creating the perfect dewy look to go with your summer tan, you contoured perfectly and your eyeliner is on point. You leave the house, and the heat hits and you feel your makeup start to melt away. You try to fix it by carefully brushing that tissue around your eyes, so you don’t smudge your eyeliner, but just as you fix this, something else goes wrong. So, what can one do to keep their makeup on point throughout the summer heat. How can you make your makeup sweat proof? 

Tips and tricks you can do to make your makeup sweat proof:

1.Primer Primer Primer 

Primer is the step you need to do before applying your makeup, if you want to have a chance of your makeup being sweat proof. Go for mattifying or smoothing primers, especially if you have an oily complexion. It will provide a smooth base for your foundation, works to control oil and helps make you makeup last longer. 

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2. Invest in oil absorbing sheets

Blotting paper is a god send. It’s a small pouch with small oil absorbing sheets, anytime you feel the heat increasing, and your makeup melting, use a blotting paper. It will absorb all the excess oil. 

3. Setting spray or powder 

Setting spray is a liquid made up of ingredients that will prolong the life of your makeup. Once you’re done with your makeup, just spritz it on to your face, and your makeup will stay in place, and be protected against smudging. 

Setting powder is meant to hold foundation in place. So basically, it’s a great base for your makeup to keep your makeup sweat proof. 

4.Use water based products

During the summer heat do your best to use water based foundations, not only is it hydrating, it’s super light weight, which makes it the perfect product to keep your makeup sweat proof. As opposed to the oily ones, the oily foundations is a recipe for disaster. Oil based foundations will slide off your face, making this product not sweat proof. 

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5. Cream Eyeshadow instead of powder eyeshadow

There is no shame in saying your eyelids get a little sweaty in the hot weather. Which is why cream eyeshadow is the way to go. They’re super easy to apply, and once applied they stay in place, making them the ultimate sweat proof product. 

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6.Waterproof Mascara ALWAYS! 

Yes you need them! They maybe annoying to remove, but with the right makeup remover, you’ll have no problem. Invest in a good waterproof mascara, for when the humidity hits and the stickiness increases, your lashes will still be on point. 

Tip: Avoid eyeliner in the hot weather, use the mascara to line the top part of your eyelid and it will be like you did a thin eyeliner look, and you'll avoid any smudginess.


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