With Videos, Here’s How to Make Really Bright Eyeshadows More Wearable!
Mariam Youssef
11/30/22, 4:00 PM

I've always loved bright colorful eyeshadow, but the catch was that I didn't feel confident enough to wear them, and even when I did, I still didn't feel comfortable enough to wear them unless it was for an evening event. However, seeing amazing makeup artists' work online and bloggers doing creative makeup looks is always a good reminder for me that color on the eye can be wearable and can be made simple, flattering, subtle and, most importantly, comfortable.

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How to do a wearable colorful eye makeup look:

A neon pastel eye makeup look

Yes, neon can be wearable. I love this makeup look by Iluvsarahii as it's a perfect example of how color can be extremely flattering even with tricky colors like yellow. Good blending and a touch of shimmer are key here. Check out how it’s done. 

Bright colorful winged liner

Drawing a liner is another great way to ease yourself into doing a colorful eye look. This method is super easy and affordable as you don’t have to buy a colored eyeliner pencil; you can just use your colorful eyeshadow palette! Moreover, using a white pencil will help you make the color brighter and more long-lasting. That Melissa Van Dijk here shows a great example of that, so check it out.

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Vibrant pastel green eyeshadow look

Aylin Melisa is a master at using different colors together, playing around with different tones and making it look easy. I love this look. It's a beautiful bright green, yet it's a pastel tone and the way she blended it with a bit of glitter made the look come together so beautifully. You can skip the glitter step to tone the look down a bit. Check out how she nails this look in this video.

Lavender pop of eyeshadow

Lavender is a great shade to start with if you want to experiment with color. It's flattering on a lot of people and can go from really subtle and barely there to a beautiful, stunning statement. Pastel lavender is also very forgiving with blending and gives a beautiful soft blown-out look like this one by Hindash. I love the placement of the shadow, concentrated more towards the inner corners of the eyes and the pretty dab of shimmer that brings it to life.

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Sunset, colorful eyeshadow

Hands down, this is one of the most beautiful colorful bright eyeshadow looks. The blend of purple, orange, yellow, and pink makes this look phenomenal! There is a trick though to make this look come together beautifully, and it all has to do with the method of color blending. Alexandra Anele here shows us what to do and what not to do when it comes to blending the eyeshadows together, using the color wheel. We understand that this may be on the advanced side; however, she explains everything easily and guides you through the entire process.

A pop of neon pink

Many girls may not gravitate towards pink eyeshadow, thinking it’s too much or too girly. However, this look right here is very subtle and to the point, if you will. Serena Cleary starts with a brown smokey eyeshadow moment then adds a pop of color in the inner corners and the lower lash line, elevating her entire look by adding so little. To highlight the color and make it brighter, she used a white liner in the inner corners. Check out how beautifully it turns out!

Don’t be afraid to go crazy and experiment with makeup. You don’t have to go to work wearing these eyeshadow looks at first. Start by applying them at home and allow yourself to feel comfortable while wearing them. Bit by bit, you’ll want to show off the art on your eyes, so you’ll be more confident to go out any time of the day wearing your choice of bright eyeshadow look. Now tell us, which one is your favorite?

Main image credit: @alxcext

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