A Full Face of Makeup That Is Less Than 1000 EGP
Mariam Youssef
6/19/22, 12:00 AM

If you like wearing makeup constantly, you know the dilemma of choosing makeup products that are high quality as well as affordable. What if we tell you that this dilemma ends now? Because this is a common problem for most girls, we decided to help everyone by listing a full face of makeup that is approximately 1000 EGP, so keep reading and enjoy the below list of affordable makeup products with the prices.

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affordable makeup products fustany

If you like to start off with brow wax, Kiss Beauty Brow Soap is all what you need. With this product, your brows are not going to move all day. You’ll enjoy this natural brow moment that makes you look like a model. You can find this product online and at some pharmacies and it’s approximately 70 EGP. Moreover, to draw brow hairs, nothing beats Sheglam brow pencil, which can also be found on online makeup pages and it’s 95 EGP.


affordable makeup products fustany

Catrice Goodbye Pores is an excellent product that controls oiliness and hides large pores. It’s approximately 130 EGP. If you want to go for another option, you can go for Sheglam primer, which has the same finish and the packaging is also very neat. Sheglam primer is 165 EGP.

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affordable makeup products fustany

The options are plenty when it comes to foundation. For starters, Wet and Wild has always been a great option as it suits almost all skin types, looks very natural, and is for 185 EGP. Another option is the Ciao foundation, which is a matte, high coverage foundation that’s perfect for all occasions and is specifically perfect for oily skin, and it is approximately 90 EGP. Maybelline Fit Me will always be one of our favorites. It fits normal and oily skin simultaneously. A thin layer can provide you with medium coverage that blends well with the face and offers a matte finish. This product’s price is 160 EGP and it’s literally found everywhere. Our fourth option is Essence Insta Perfect foundation, which provides matte, waterproof, and buildable coverage. The price is also perfect; it’s just 170 EGP. We don’t want to forget mentioning Sheglam foundations that are suitable for special occasions, where you want a full glam moment. The price is 220 and they offer two foundations: one for oily skin and another for dry skin.

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affordable makeup products fustany

Catrice Camouflage is an old favorite of ours. It has awesome coverage, perfect with oily skin, and is long-lasting. The price of this product is 120 EGP. Additionally, Catrice offers another concealer called One Drop coverage. It provides decent coverage, but not as strong as the first one. It moisturizes the skin though, which makes it excellent for dry skin and it is within the same price range. Another game-changing concealer is the J.Cat StaySurrance concealer. It’s smudge-proof, long-lasting, and high coverage and it is approximately 190 EGP. Last but not least, Sheglam concealer has to make it to the list. It has medium coverage and long-lasting effect and it’s 125 EGP.


affordable makeup products fustany

When we’re talking about affordable powders, Amanda has to be mentioned. Amanda’s compact powder provides decent coverage, has nice shades, and does the job perfectly. It’s 150 EGP and you can find it in their stores and online too. If you like loose powders, Amanda’s loose powders are also great and they’re only 80 EGP. Essence my skin perfector is a great option too since its color looks so natural on the skin and light. Catrice Glow Illusion has some nice glow, which can make your makeup look dewy. These two powders are approximately 140-150 EGP.


affordable makeup products fustany

For those of you who like contouring and shaping their face, we’ll provide you with affordable creamy and powder contour options. For a creamy contour, we recommend the M.N matte contour palette. It has 4 shades: 2 contours and 2 highlights and it’s only 65 EGP. For the powder contour, it’s also from M.N; it has 4 shades and it’s 50 EGP.


affordable makeup products fustany

We all know how the bronzer provides this sunkissed, warm color to your face. So, we’re going to include some blushers that actually have bronzing shades. Let’s start with the Amanda Miss Milano blusher shade number 11. The shade is awesome for a summery bronzing effect and the price is even more astonishing; it’s just 55 EGP. Another blusher that fits into the bronzing category is Cybele shade number 7. Its metallic effect is awesome for some beach vibes and healthy, natural looking skin. This option is approximately in the same price range. Our third option for affordable bronzers is Luna. The palette is small yet it has two options: a bronzer and highlighter. Luna’s colors are great, so is the texture and the price; it is just 130 EGP.


affordable makeup products fustany

Since we mentioned how good the blushers in Amanda and Cybele are as bronzers, it only makes sense to purchase other shades of blushers and add some color to your cheeks. However, if you’re looking for a blush palette that has several shades and colors and is affordable at the same time, M.N blusher palette is the answer. It’s amazing, pigmented, versatile, and is only 80 EGP. For creamy blushes, we recommend Sheglam’s as they’re super pigmented and affordable and they’re approximately 120 EGP each. Amanda blush sticks are also great and they’re 75 EGP each.


affordable makeup products fustany

Wet and Wild has to top this list because it’s one of the best drugstore makeup brands. The color, application, texture, and finish are top-notch. This highlighter is only 135 EGP. Ruby Rose is one of the newest affordable brands and their highlighter is also good. The single palette has several shades that can be blended together with a brush for a peachy, glowy effect. This product is only for 130 EGP and you can find it at online sellers or on their official Instagram page.


affordable makeup products fustany

Pretty Woman eyeshadow palettes are pigmented, colorful, and affordable. The prices differ according to the size, but the large palette is approximately 140 EGP, which is a great deal. The smallest palette that only has two colors is 50 EGP. Another option is Juicy Beauty eyeshadow palette; they have different shades and colors and they’re super pigmented. The palette’s price is 220 EGP. Wet and Wild eyeshadow palettes will forever be a favorite of ours as they’re versatile, pigmented, and affordable. The prices differ from one seller to another, but the palette is in the range of 170 EGP. One of the most recent options is Sheglam’s eyeshadow palettes. They’re pigmented and colorful and the palette’s price is 195 EGP.


affordable makeup products fustany

One of the top eyeliners on the market today is the Ciao Aqua Resist. It’s super black, matte, and smudge proof. The price is shockingly amazing; it’s only 45 EGP. Another favorite of ours is Sheglam’s eyeliner and it’s only 95 EGP. For eyeliner pencils, we have the Rose Berry that’s super dark and pigmented and is only 60 EGP.



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Of course, Essence has to top this list because of their amazing yet affordable mascaras. Lash Princess, The False Lashes Extreme Volume and Curl, and You Better Work are our favorite picks from Essence mascaras. The three mascaras are 100 EGP each. Ciao Speedy Volume is also an awesome mascara that provides volume as well as false lash effect and it’s just 50 EGP. Note that other online sellers may sell it at a more expensive price, so check different stores before completing your purchase.


Let’s start with lip liners since they’re the first makeup product that goes on the lips. The best affordable lip liners are from M.N. The pack has 12 shades that fit for all lipstick colors and it’s only 70 EGP. Another option is Cybele’s lip liners. The single shade is 35 EGP, so this will be more affordable and appropriate for you if you don’t like wearing so many shades.

For matte lipsticks, we recommend Ciao’s as they’re super pigmented and long-lasting. They recently came up with four new shades that are perfect for everyday looks and they’re 42 EGP each. Sheglam lipstick sets are also great affordable options. The set is approximately 120-130 EGP. Moreover, Amanda has recently released their new Diva Matte lipstick. They have several nude shades and it’s only 85 EGP.

affordable makeup products fustany

If you like lip glosses, Kiss Beauty offers affordable options and they’re 40 EGP each. Cybele also has a wide range of lip glosses and they’re approximately 60 EGP each.


The sum of the makeup products may be a little over 1000 EGP according to your preference and choices. However, we tried to find all the best affordable products that you may need to use in your everyday makeup. If you’re the type of person who likes minimal makeup, your sum may be way less than 1000 EGP. Hopefully, we helped you to find out more about different makeup options and made your makeup routine and shopping easier.

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