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| by Ola Moheb

Know Your True Face Shape and How to Apply The Right Makeup for it

Whenever you ask any beauty-related question, such as the best accessories or headscarf styling, you're probably given this answer: "Depends on your face shape!" Because we know how many times you might have asked yourself what your face shape is and how to know it, we've brought to you an easy way to find the proper answer. You simply need to measure the following features of your face and then, you'll find the answer to your question.

Let's get started. First of all, you'll need a measuring tape to ensure that all the measurements are accurate.

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1. Forehead: Measure it from the end of your right eye brow to the end of your left one. Write down the number.

2. Cheek bones: Measure from under the end of one eye to the other end and write down the number.

3. Jaw bones: Record what you measure from where one ear ends on one side to the other side.

4. Face length: Measure from your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Now that your face measurements are ready, it's the moment of truth. Let's find out what your face shape is:

Oval face

face shapes fustany

This is when a face's length and cheek bones distance are almost the same and the jaw bones and forehead are also the same but the cheek bones and the face length together are greater than the added lengths of the jaw bones and forehead.

Square face

face shapes fustany

You have this face shape if almost all the measurements you took are the same except for the jaw bones; they are of a greater length.

Round face

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A round face is similar to square-shaped face but with softer angles. If you have a round face shape, the sides of your face are slightly curved outward rather than being straight. Your chin is also rounded and the widest part of your face is your cheekbones.

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Rectangular face

face shapes fustany

This is your face shape if your forehead, cheek bones, and jaw bones measurements are almost the same. However, your face length is bigger than these measurements in this case.

Diamond-shaped face

face shapes fustany

In this case, you'll find that the face length is the largest measurement in your face while the other numbers that you recorded descend in the following order: cheek bones, forehead, then jaw bones. Moreover, you'd probably have a pointy chin if you have a diamond face.

Heart-shaped face

face shapes fustany

This is when your forehead is the widest part in your face. Then, the cheekbones come in the second place. A heart-shaped face typically has a larger, wider forehead. The rest of the face gets more angled, finishing into a pointy chin. The face length is not crucial in this case because it may vary from a person to the other.

You can also watch this video for more illustration on how to take the essential face measurements in order to discover your face shape:

Video credits: YouTube @Dina_Azar

The Game Changing Blush Technique That Will Lift and Shape Your Face

Now, you know your face shape. The first thing you'll probably want to know is the most suitable makeup for your face shape. First of all, a girl with an oval face will be able to try any new makeup trend because almost all makeup looks will suit her face! Moving on to the rectangular face. This needs to be contoured on the cheek bones to break the sharpness of the length of the face. A square face, as well, will need to be contoured from beneath the jaw bones to give some elongation to the face. A heart-shapedface always needs a contoured forehead to draw the attention away from it and make the face look more even. When it comes to round face shapes, contour works really well as it can help add definition and structure to the curved features. Use darker shades of bronzer to carve out your cheekbones. For those with diamond face, use darker shade of contour or bronzer on the tip of your chin to give the illusion of a wider jaw.

Main image credits: Instagram @camilacoelho

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