The words "Full Makeup Look" will probably get you thinking that you have to use tons of costly makeup products. This is not true at all! Did you know that by picking only these 3 makeup products, you can get yourself ready for a night out or a wedding? Here are the 3 makeup products you need and how to apply a full makeup look with them, along with a video tutorial too:

1. A liquid foundation will replace your concealer & primer:

Yes! Add a few drops under your eyes and use your fingers to warm them up while they blend into your skin. It's crucial that you pick a shade that's close to your skin tone, don't choose a much darker/brighter one. Then, add a drop or two over your eyelid to act as an eye primer. Blend also using your fingers and remove any excess. A liquid foundation can have another use which is getting your lipstick color brighter a shade or two. That will be easily applied if you ad a little drop of your foundation on your lips (also using your fingers) after you apply your lipstick. Keep blending the foundation with the lipstick and watch the magic come to life.

2. A lipstick will replace all these 3 products:

Just make sure it has a reddish/bronze tones in it. Why? Because this lipstick won't only be used on your lips. It will replace your collection of blushers, since you can apply some on your cheeks and blend well to add coloring to your face. Amazingly, after blending the lipstick on your cheeks you will notice a reddish shade, as if you were sun kissed! This lipstick will also be used as an eye shadow base to intensify the color on your lid and act as a transition shade. Besides, makeup experts and celebrity makeup artists say that warm color tones give a vibrant look when used on the eyes. Lastly, this magical bronze lipstick can finally be used normally as a lip stain which is its main function!

3. Brown + Gold eyeshadows are 'Game-Changers'

There are numerous mini-palettes that have 2-5 eyeshadow shades and are also easy to carry everywhere. Pick one that has dark brown in it and another bright metallic shade (white/gold/silver/etc). Use the brown shade as a contour wherever you need on your face, as well as a bold eye shadow. Meanwhile, the brighter shade will be applied under your brow bone, in the inner corners of the eye and on your upper cheek bones as a highlighter. You can also add a hint of your bright eye shadow to transform your lipstick into a metallic one.

Check out this video makeup tutorial to witness how the look is achieved step by step:

Main Image & Video Credits: Fustany Team