This summer 2018, the trend that broke the fashion world and stores, is the hat trend. Everyone rummaged the back of their closets looking for old goodies or ran to the stores to grab a straw hat. What also helped with the spreading of the trend is how hijabis managed to style them in the most creative ways.

However picking the right, flattering hat is not easy and 'an asked about a lot' topic. Here are the steps you need to follow to help you pick the perfect hat trend for you:

1- First of all, get to know your face proportions and notice which parts of your face are longer.

2. Determine your face shape; round, heart-shaped or so on... Check out this guide:

3. Now it's time to find which hats suits your face shape:

- Oval Face Shape: You're the lucky ones. You don't have to follow any rules. Almost all hats suit your face shape, so pick whatever you want!

- Round Face Shape: This face shape needs something to balance it to a flattering proportionality. Therefore, you need a hat to reduce the roundness and give more length, so go for a hat with straight edges.

- Heart Face Shape: For this face shape, you should stay away from big or oversized hats.

- Square Face Shape: Here, a flattering hat would be one that minimizes a bit of your face's edges. A round hat would be perfect for you.

*Don't forget that at the end of they day, you should try everything out, you could be surprised what ends up suiting you and there are no real rules in fashion!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @dinamaimouni