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| by The Fustany Team

Yes You Can Wear Hats with Your Hijab, Watch and Learn How This Fashion Blogger Does It

This is THE accessory that most Hijabis we know shy away from. No matter how cute the hat is and how much it suits her face, she still can't dare to put it on. For a long time hats over the hijab wraps has been seen as unfitting or 'not cool' but with the hat and straw hat trend coming back with strength, hijabis might want to rethink their next shopping trip.

To say Hijabi fashion blogger Nabilah Kariem is killing the hat trend is an understatement. Just by scrolling through her pictures, you will not believe how many different styles of hats she wears with so many different hijab wraps, and they all look incredible! Her style is amazing and she experiments with different aesthetics. 

If you want to start wearing hats over your veil, you must take a look and get inspired by Nabilah, she will shock you with how differently she interprets her hijab under a hat!

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