During London fashion week last season, we showed you all the looks from the runway that would be perfect for hijab fashion. This Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week we wanted to do the same with Spring Summer 2020 trends

We wanted to show you some Hijab evening looks inspired by the runway, including hijab evening dresses ideas. So here are some of the Spring Summer 2020 trends and find in the gallery below more than 30 looks from the runway that Hijabis would love!

Hijab 'going out at night' outfit ideas...


Here are some really beautiful styling ideas for a night out look that isn't too formal that it needs a dress, but also isn't casual. Loose pants are really trending for formal wear so you can get creative with styling them. Also a faux fur jacket will never fail you, neither will a beautiful chic night shirt, like the first 2 looks. 

High neck evening dresses for Hijabis


We noticed this time on the runway there were so many evening dresses and gowns with high necks. Luckily this is something a lot of Hijabis look for. These dresses are strong and powerful with a really nice modern twist. As for your veil, we think the perfect wrap would be a turban or letting the veil fall on your back, leaving the high neck revealed. 

Capes and strong shoulders trend...


Like we've mentioned before capes are everywhere this year and they add such a nice regal look to a dress or even suit, as seen at Dior. Strong shoulders, padded shoulders and puff sleeves are also all the rage and they could e add exactly the statement touch you're looking for in your evening dress. 

All Image Credits: NOWFASHION