Choosing the right jewelry and accessories with evening dresses is not easy. However, iconic fashion designer Elie Saab managed to help us with that, through his latest collection in Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. The Elie Saab Spring Summer 2020 collection showed a variety of statement and dramatic accessories paired perfectly with his gorgeous evening dresses designs.

Today, we wanted to show you how to wear accessories with evening wear, inspired by Elie Saab's Couture SS 2020 show...

Statement earrings with evening wear


I really love statement earrings, so I will not lie to you, the first thing that caught my attention at the show were the earrings.

It can get confusing when picking a pair of earrings to wear for an evening look. However, I believe after seeing the tricks we learnt from the Elie Saab show, you learn how to and you will get inspired to be more daring with your choices. 

1. If your style is more minimal, simple and you're comfortable with it. Then go for very simple earrings with not a lot of detail and of medium length. Just because they're simple and dainty, doesn't meant they're not as effective and flattering. 

2. If you want something a little more dramatic, but also isn't too much, go for hoops or long earrings. They will give a statement to your look, without being too much or too elaborate.

3. Looking for something very eye-catching and bold? Then you're in luck because right now it's all about huge earrings. On the runway they paired really big and dramatic, almost chandelier-like, earrings with sophisticated dresses. Looks like there's no such thing as too much and we love it! Take ideas from the collection in gallery below.

Belts with evening dresses at Elie Saab


You know belts have been really popular with dresses and gowns recently. If you are looking for ways to wear belts with dresses, take a look at what we learnt from Elie Saab's dresses is his use of different styles of belts

1. Wear a wide belt in the same color of your dress, if you want a defined waist and a taller figure.

2. You can wear a belt with a bow and an embroidered evening dress, but go for a belt that's not the exact same color as the dress, so it can stand out and not disappear with the dress details. 

3. If you are wearing a heavily embroidered dress, and you something simple that tones things down...go for a thin belt that matches the color of the dress.

4. With the deep V-neckline go for a wide belt.

Coordinating clutches with evening wear


Elie Saab proved that matching your clutch to the dress can actually look incredible. He matched the clutches' details to the embroidery of the dresses and looks...

You do not have to go for a bag or clutch of the exact same color, but picking something that has similar details or embellishments can look really sophisticated and regal. 

How to choose rings and bracelets for an evening look?


Personally, I always find it difficult to choose my rings and bracelets for an evening look. I can never tell if you should go for a ring or bracelet or both and when to do for neither?

From Elie Saab's runway we saw that are actually 2 simple options to go for... 

1. If you're wearing an embroidered evening dresses that is full of detail, a ring can be enough. 

2. If you're going for a simple and minimal outfit or dress, you can wear a statement bracelet to elevate the outfit and wear a ring too. 

How to pick the right evening shoes for your dress? 


Finding the perfect pair of heels can actually be quite simple as seen the SS 2020 Elie Saab collection...

If you want something that will suit most of your evening dresses without having to think too much about it, go for beautiful gold or silver heels. You can wear a simple stiletto or open toed heels.

Main Image Credits: NOWFASHION