Winter outfits are beautiful and chic but can be a little overwhelming and undermining when it comes to accessories and jewelry. So we needed to take a second look at things and look for some smart tips on how to accessorize in winter comfortably and easily...

Tips on how to accessorize in winter:

1. Statement Earrings & Tights


We all know this is the easiest way to accessorize in winter. Earrings look great with most of our winter attire and they're very festive. Go for big statement earrings and a turtleneck, believe me you won't regret it. Also tights are really in this year and are a great warming way to accessorize this winter.  

2. Over the Sleeve Jewelry 


This is a cool trick for arm jewelry in winter. Most of the time we store away our bracelets in winter because they never show underneath the long sleeves and sweaters. So why not go over the sleeve?

3. Lace-up Sandals Over Pants

This is also a cool trend that made it's way to us this year through fashion week's street style looks. If you have an event and your outfit needs those perfect lace-up sandals you bought last summer, this is a cool way to style them. 

4. Gloves


Sometimes it's so cold that you can't even leave your hands out in the open, this is when gloves come in handy. Let's not forget that gloves are also really chic, and I personally can never wait for  an excuse to wear them. You can even buy beautiful colored gloves if you want to give your look some glam. Also don't forget belts and belt bags are another smart way to enhance your winter outfit. 

5. Rings


For the days when your hands are the only thing available to accessorize with jewelry, take the opportunity and go heavy with the rings. Stack up your favorite rings and get creative. 

6. Hats


Hats are a great way to accessorize in the winter, and they also keep you warm. You can wear a beret, beanie or baker boy hat

7. Necklaces


This is wear a lot of people get confused in winter. How can I wear necklaces with all these layers? First of all you can go for statement necklaces. If you want to wear your dainty ones, then wear a thick sweater or turtleneck and layer them on top. If you're wearing a jacket, keep it open at the chest so the necklaces can show through. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @marta__sierra