What I recently love the most about fashion is that it's becoming more oriented towards being practical but authentic at the same time. I also started noticing this year that more than one trend has come back strongly after being out of style for years. For instance, this winter we started witnessing a nostalgic fashion wave, that brought with it glossy makeup, leather gloves, turtle-necked jumpers and more. 

Then, there is that one trend that we loved for years, yet forgot about it for the past couple of winters. Who doesn't remember winter hats? Winter hats come in many styles, however, we've brought you the top 3 trending hats for this winter 2019. Check them, and pick the one that suits you the most!

1. Berets

Feel nostalgic already? Guess what! You can just borrow your grandfather's vintage beret, and rock your winter outfit! Berets are so 'in' this season, so don't miss the chance of styling them for your winter wardrobe.


2. Caps

Whether woolen or leather, you'll boost your outfit! Caps are really trending nowadays, and all you have to do is pick a matching color for your clothes. Also, why not match it with your bag and boots? Try it, and thank me later!


3. Woolen/Knitted Ice-caps/ Beanies

You think they mostly belong to kids fashion? Think again! Beanies are also trending this season, especially the ones with a furry ball on the top!


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Main image credits: Instagram @inspocafe