Lipsticks... Oh, how a lipstick can transform a whole outfit or give your makeup some glam or even boost a bad mood! I've always considered lipsticks as jokers; they are every girl's best friend, even those who aren't into makeup. The color of the lipstick can change everything, for it can turn the overall look from cute to sexy, or it can standout to make you in no need of any accessory.

However, this season has surprised us with the most unexpected 5 lipstick shades as the most trending in winter 2018-2019. Let's see what these shades are. You can match each one according to your current outfit, style or even mood. P.S: It's not obligatory that you wear all of them, you can just pick whatever makes you comfortable!

1. Transparent Gloss

Yes, you read right. You think this makeup trend is buried since the early 2000s when they're actually revived this year! Transparent gloss as well as nude glosses are so trendy nowadays which -from my point of view- gives a glam to the intense winter textures and colors.

2. Maple orange

Sometimes it's also called 'cinnamon' shade. This shade is so popular in autumn. What you might not know, is that it continues to be one of the top winter makeup trends for 2019. Matte lip creams are the trendiest textures, especially when it comes to this shade. Avoid glossy lipsticks of this orange shade; they're a bit outdated.

3. Glittery and metallic

Again, we notice that some old-fashioned shades appear on the scene. These '90s popping lipsticks are so trendy this winter. If you think they won't suit you, try them, and you'll see how much they turn everything upside down -in a good way!

4. Red Wine

This classic lipstick color continues to rock this season just like all the previous winters. For me, a winter can never be complete without it. I mean, it's so hard to imagine red-wine red not being one of the top trending lipsticks!

6. Black

Not navy red, not dark brown, but black! Yes, this is actually the trendiest of all the mentioned shades above. Before you say it won't match you, try it. We all thought the same before we actually tested it out. Do it, and thank me later!

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Main image credits: Instagram @stephanieehernandez