Lip glosses were very popular in the early 2000, but they’ve gradually disappeared over the years. Recently, we can notice a strong comeback for lip glosses. The year 2022 witnessed plenty of lip gloss brands dominating the local and global markets, even local brands innovating to release really amazing products with a variety of shades. So, today we decided to list 7 of the best lip gloss Egyptian brands. Read on and don't forget to share them with your friend who is a lip gloss lover!

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Kyla is a modern local brand that is famous for offering lip glosses in 7 different shades or more. The owner made sure that this variety includes all girls with different preferences and skin tones. They’re also suitable for every occasion or event you go to, from work to weddings and evening parties. Their lip gloss is soft and light on the lips, yet pigmented.

You can visit Kyla's official Instagram account, to learn more about her lip gloss.


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Amara is another new local brand that joins the beauty market as it launched several products, including highlighters that contain grape seed oil to brighten the skin and nourish it at the same time. Then the brand launched its famous lip glosses in various strong and pigmented shades. According to customers' opinions, they last for a long time. The brand's products have also been extended to include a cream blush that’s suitable for cheeks and lips simultaneously. The brand is expected to introduce more products to the market soon.

You can visit the official Amara account on Instagram, to learn more about its products, specifically the lip glosses.

Her Beaute.Co

Well, it seems that local makeup brands have decided to break into the market with lip glosses to satisfy every girl's need. So, Her Beaute.Co has offered 8 different shades of lip glosses, all of which are strong and long-lasting, ranging from pink and red to violet, chocolate, and more.

You can visit the official Her Beaute.Co Instagram account to learn more about their lip glosses.

Cherry Lips Cosmetics

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Here’s another local brand that is famous for its 100% natural makeup, which means that you can now use makeup safely and without worrying about its ingredients. The Cherry Lips brand provides a variety of products, such as eyebrow fixing soap, sunscreen, lip balms rich in vitamins, moisturizing and softening lip mask, lip serum, and others. However, their top product is, undoubtedly, lip gloss, which has been praised by many customers because it provides them with high quality and a variety of shades.

You can visit the official Cherry Lips Instagram account, to learn more about the products they offer.


Essentials has become one of the most well-known local beauty brands as its products have become popular for their great quality. So, if you are looking for a perfect lip gloss, you will definitely find it on their page as they offer about 9 different shades.

You can visit the official Essentials Instagram account to learn more about their products.


Another local Egyptian brand, which has been highly praised recently by a number of bloggers and customers is Janelle. Everyone agreed on the quality of their lip glosses as well as the pigmentation and the fact that it’s long lasting.

You can visit Janelle's official Instagram account to learn more about their lip glosses.

Angie's Spells

Angie's Spells is an Egyptian brand that offers a great range of lip products, from tinted lip balms, to lip scrubs, to lip glosses, and more. This brand’s lip gloss formula receives amazing reviews as it is available in very elegant shades and is characterized by its soft texture and long-lasting effect.

You can visit Angie's Spells Instagram account to find out more information about their products.

Finally, the best thing about buying a local product is that on the one hand, you support these new brands to become bigger in the future. On the other hand, you discover high-quality products made by Egyptian hands that are no less than the international ones, and at more reasonable prices.