Whether you’re going out bare-faced or glammed up, your makeup bag should always be with you. On a hot summer day, you’d find yourself needing to touch up your makeup every couple of hours. That’s why it is mandatory to bring your makeup bag wherever you’re going, especially when you’re spending the day out. But, what should you include in your makeup bag? And what size should the makeup bag be? Read on and we’ll answer your questions.

The size of your makeup bag should be proportionate to your bags’ sizes. If you like bulky purses or tote bags, you can afford to have a large cosmetics bag. Ideally, you should have two makeup bags: one for daily use and another for traveling. However, today, we’ll talk about the everyday makeup bag essentials.

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Whether it is summer or winter, wearing sunscreen is essential. You should apply it on your face, neck, and hands every day as the last step of your skincare routine. It should also be applied before wearing any makeup. Moreover, you should reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours. So, if you’re already wearing makeup, you can opt for a spray sunscreen that can be sprayed over your makeup. Choose a travel-size product so it’s easier for you to put it in the makeup bag.


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Touching up your makeup requires a light, natural-looking concealer. You don’t have to bring your foundation as long as you have a good concealer. You will only need to retouch your makeup by applying too little of the product and blending it with a brush. You may also need to tap on it lightly with your finger so it melts into your skin.

Face mist

The benefits of using face mists are plenty, which makes it a must-have in your makeup purse. A face mist is the best skin reviver; spritz your face for a refreshing and cooling effect on a hot sunny day, after your workout session, or in the middle of a hectic day at the office. Moreover, face mists provide instant hydration to the skin and a single spritz won’t mess up your makeup.


It doesn’t make sense to fill your cosmetics bag with gigantic makeup palettes, such as James Charles x Morphe or large Huda Beauty palettes. When it comes to putting eyeshadow in your makeup bag, you can either choose a single-panned or small neutral palette. These shades can provide your eyes with an instant dimension.

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Some of you may find that the powder is an unnecessary product in a daily makeup bag; however, if you learn to use it mindfully, you’ll know how essential it is. Reapplying creams on your face makes it more vulnerable to oiliness. This is when powder proves useful. Setting your concealer or any cream product in place is mandatory to make your makeup look flawless. You don’t want to use too much or have that cakey complexion; a little bit goes a long way.


A black, trusty mascara is an essential addition to your makeup purse. Nothing opens the eyes and gives your lashes a glowy, glossy appearance like a good mascara. Whenever you’re touching up your makeup, coat your lashes with your favorite mascara and … BAM! Your eye makeup is snatched.

Lipstick and Lip-gloss

You can never leave home without your favorite lipstick, be it the one you’re wearing or another statement one. When you’re out and about, your lipstick is apt to be removed, especially after eating or drinking. Therefore, your go-to lipstick should always be with you. Furthermore, if you like wearing lip glosses, by all means, put your favorite one in the makeup bag too to create that perfect lip combo.


Why not give your face that glowy effect every now and then when you’re spending the day out? A single-panned highlighter is everything you need to touch up your cheekbones, nose tip, and anywhere else you feel like illuminating. It can be applied with your ring finger, so you don’t have to bring a fan or a highlighter brush.


No makeup lover can overlook the beauty of rosy cheeks. After a long day out, it is nice to bring some color to the face and make your makeup look more freshened and lively. Whether you choose liquid or powder blusher, make sure you bring a small-sized one so it can fit into your makeup bag.

Set of Brushes

When you want to retouch your makeup, it is important to bring the tools that help you do so. While it is impractical to bring all of your makeup brushes, it is wise to add some travel-size ones to your makeup purse to help you reapply eyeshadow, powder, concealer, and blusher.

Makeup Wipes

Last but not least, you may want to include makeup wipes in your cosmetics bag to facilitate removing excess product or clean up your lipstick.

Finally, feel free to add or remove any item. This list is merely to help you organize your makeup bag since it is based on experts’ and other women’s suggestions and makeup needs. For instance, some people cannot go out without brow pencils and mascaras, while others don’t necessarily need all of these products in their makeup bag. Although it is nice to check experts’ suggestions, it is best to organize your bag how you want and according to your preference and needs.