This DIY makeup brush organizer is for all the ladies that love to travel organized. It is super simple, and you'll just need a few items that are probably already lying around your house. The DIY makeup brush organizer is a real space giver, and you can guarantee your burshes will arrive unharmed after the long hours of traveling.

What you will need:

- A wooden/bamboo place mat or an old sushi mat.

- Wide elastic band. You can use an old hair band of yours, just make sure to cut it to create a long elastic band.

- Ribbon 

- Makeup brushes


1. Make sure the place mat you chose can allow for the elastic band to fit between its long wooden sticks.

2. Start by wrapping the elastic band around the first wooden stick several times, to secure it in place. 

3. Next you will start to weave the elastic band between the wooden sticks, as if you are sewing it to the wooden place mat. Meaning, the elastic band will go through two wooden sticks, then out of it, then repeat onto the next wooden sticks.

4. Make sure when you are weaving to create space, big or small enough for your makeup brushes. For example, a makeup brush with a thick handle will require a bigger space, so when weaving skip a few wooden sticks.

5. Once you reached the end of the mat, wrap the elastic band around a couple of sticks and secure it in place either by tying it or using super glue.

6. Slip in the makeup brushes into the slots you just created with the elastic band. 

7. Roll the mat until it looks like a cylinder. Wrap the ribbon around the mat and tie it tightly so that it doesn’t loosen up when packed.

Voila, you just made your very own makeup brush organizer. You can create another one of these makeup organizers, using the same steps, but just for your makeup products.

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