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| by Nancy Hennes

How to Draw Your Eyebrows According to Your Face Shape

A woman's eyebrows depends greatly on the structure of her face. Don't you notice a huge difference in your look after you get your eyebrows done, even if they weren't bad to begin with. That is because a pair of very well groomed eyebrows have a dramatic impact on how a woman looks. Just like fashion, eyebrow shapes evolve from one season to the other, for example currently trending is the thick Cara Delevingne eyebrows. However, the shape of the eyebrow depends on the structure of your face, not on the latest trend.

1. The Round Face

If you have a round face, the shape you should go for is rounded eyebrows. The tilted line in your eyebrow will give off a longer looking face.

2. The Long Face

With a long structured face you should go for flat eyebrows. Since your face is long, you will need to break those vertical lines, by going for horizontal simple eyebrows, a.k.a. flat eyebrows.

3. The Oval Face

The oval face is quite similar to the long face, meaning you should draw horizontal eyebrows but with a softer curve. This will give off a gentle and very feminine look to the oval face. 

4. The Square Face

The square face is known for its sharp features, which means you need to go for extravagant eyebrows. A thick eyebrow with a sharp peak will go perfectly with your face structure.

5. The Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is know for its pointy chin, so you want to try and create a softer look by going for a higher curved eyebrow.  

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