Bobbi Brown's Top 10 Beauty Tips Which We Swear By

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7/20/21, 12:00 AM

There are many make-up artists in the world, and one of my favorites started her own cosmetics brand in 1991 and her main message was "The secret to beauty is simple: Be who you are"; the legendary Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi Brown always shares helpful make-up tricks that are so simple and easy that even if you don't know how to apply make-up, you'll find them simple. Let's take a look at Bobbi Brown's Top 10 Beauty Tips, which we swear by.

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1. A three-step trick for covering up dark circles

The key to concealing noticeable dark circles is to use a corrector and concealer together. The corrector works to lighten the discoloration, whereas the concealer adds brightness beneath the eyes.  A simple trick thanks to Bobbi Brown.

2. Use Blush and Bronzer Together

If you want to achieve a sun-kissed glow, apply a touch of blush over your bronzer.

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3. Various types of eyeliners

This is a beginner's question: who knew there were so many different kinds of eyeliners? Apparently, there are, and each one has a distinct effect.

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4. Apply Foundation Strategically

Bobbie Brown does not believe in contouring; instead, she has a trick that is very simple and easier to do if you are in a hurry. You don't have to apply foundation all over your face. Apply only to the areas of your skin that need to be evened out for a more natural look.

5. Create a Bold Brow

Brows frame your face, and as we age, their color and volume fade. If your brows need a boost, fill them in with a powder that matches their natural color to make your eyes pop.

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6. A quick root touch-up

When your roots begin to show but you don't have time to visit the salon, use an eye shadow in the same color as your hair for an instant touch-up. It looks more natural than color-depositing products and is never waxy.

7. Everyday eye makeup to draw attention to your eyes

A well-defined eye gives you the appearance of being alert and bright. As you get older, you'll need to add more definition to the area around your eyes. To make your eyes appear more open and alert, use any type of liner and deep black mascara.

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8. Choosing the Best Blush Color for Your Skin Tone

When it comes to choosing a blush shade, it's similar to picking candy from a box; you don't know which one you'll like or which one will complement your skin tone. According to Bobbi Brown, the trick is to choose the color that appears when you pinch your cheeks. For example, if you have light skin, choose a pale, pastel pink shade. Warm pink or peach can complement medium skin tones. Plumm and cranberry will complement darker skin tones.

9.  A simple method for fuller lips

Fuller lips were trendy at some point in our lives; some ladies don't have full lips but don't want to poke themselves with needles to get Kylie Jenner lips; instead, they opt for a simple, painless method.

10. Experiment with different mascara combos

Again, there are so many options that we can't decide what to do. There are numerous mascara options available, including volumizing, plumping, lengthening, and long-wear. We don't have to limit ourselves to just one, according to Bobbi Brown,  you can mix and match to get the desired effect.


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