8 Tips to Get a Natural Makeup Look for the Eid Holiday

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7/29/20, 12:00 AM

During the Eid holiday, you’d surely want to be all dressed up, but you should also consider having a natural eid makeup look. A healthy natural glow is not only effortlessly pretty, but also easy doable. These 8 makeup tips will help you achieve the ultimate natural glow you’d want to have for the Eid holiday.

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1. Pick the right foundation for your skin tone

The right color of foundation and concealer for your skin tone will make it look invisible, and will match with the rest of your body.


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2. Blend your makeup very well for a natural makeup look

It doesn’t matter if you prefer oval brushes or beauty blenders, the most important thing is that you blend your makeup well to avoid a cakey makeup look!


3. A little bit of highlight won’t hurt!

Highlighting is the perfect way to give your skin a healthy glow. It's one the easiest tricks in the book that can make the biggest difference with your makeup look.


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4. Give attention to your eyebrows

Eyebrows are the main key to a beautiful face. If you mastered the technique of plucking or tweezing your eyebrows according to your face shape, then everything else can be easily done.


5. Go for simple eye makeup look

For the Eid holiday, if you want to look simple but glowing, the main key is glowing eyes and nice long lashes and accentuated eyes.


6. This is how you get natural-looking rosy cheeks using blush for the Eid holiday...

I’d say avoid contouring and use your favorite blusher or bronzer, but check out here how to apply blush according to your face shape.


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7. Get your lips ready for lipstick for a flawless look

Prepare your lips before lipstick by getting them smooth, juicy and plump. You need to gently scrub your lips and to apply lip balm first..


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8. Wear nude lipstick for a natural makeup look for the Eid holiday

Try wearing the right nude lipstick and top if off with some gloss for healthy plump looking lips. Gloss is back on trend!


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