Lips are a crucial and beautiful part of your face. Healthy looking lips can transform your look entirely, dry lips can sometimes make your look tired. Taking care of your lips on a daily basis is not as hard as you think. These 4 steps will make sure they're looking healthy and soft.

Today I will tell you about an easy to follow simple lip care routine that will completely transform your lips to the better.

1. First the scrub

Scrubbing your lips is a basic part of lip care, not an extra. For 2-3 times per week, scrub your lips with either a homemade scrub, like simple honey and brown sugar, or a gentle store bought lip scrub.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing your lips is something you have to do everyday no matter what season it is. For me, I apply a hydrating moisturizing heavy lip mask at night and a light coconut lip balm during the day. This has helped my lips so much and I managed to put the dry lip days behind me.

3. Sunscreen

Never ever forget that the lips should be cared for just like your skin. They are affected by the sun like other body parts. Apply a lip balm with SPF when you are going out in the sun for protection.

4. Adding Color

Wearing too much lipstick can sometimes dry out the lips, if the formulas have a lot of chemicals. I like to add  a natural color to my lips, so I constantly make tinted makeup at home with beetroot and apply it on my lips to give them color and liveliness.

If you do these four easy lip care steps regularly, they will look great every day and you won’t need anything else, except thanking me for it. You are welcome in advance!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @celine_bernaerts