If your lips are dry, chapped or pigmented and no fancy balms are working don't fret. Your lips need some extra care and deserve attention to keep them hydrated and restore their natural colour and smoothness. Here we listed a few home remedies on how to get rid of dark lips and help you get healthier lipss naturally. Try these lips lightening treatment at home for naturally pink and soft lips. 

Pomegranate seed mask for pink lips

Pomegranate has extensive health benefits. The juice is beneficial, but their leftover seeds are not waste. You can use the seeds as a fruity exploiter. It gives the lips a rosy touch. 


- Crushed pomegranate seeds

-  Milk cream 

How to Use:

 1. Slice the Pomegranate to get the seeds out. 

2. Crush them to get the seeds. 

3. Mix the crushed seeds with milk cream to get a paste. 

4. Now apply this paste on clean lips and leave it for ten minutes. 

Cocoa and Chocolate Lip Therapy

This is the most interesting and mouthwatering lip treatment. Chocolate is perfect for chapped, dry, dehydrated lips. How? Check out how to get rid of dark lips by using chocolate.


- 1 tsp cocoa butter

- Unsweetened dark chocolate (approximately 2 squares)

- Vitamin E capsule 

How to Use:

 1. Melt chocolate square and cocoa butter. 

2. Add the oil from the Vitamin E capsule to the mixture. 

3. Now Pour the mask in a separate bowl, and allow it to cool. 

4. Now apply a layer of mask onto your lips and leave it for 10-15 Minutes. 

5. Wash it off with lukewarm Water. 

While external applications can help you to get soft pink lips, it is important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of Water per day. Avoid too much tea, coffee or smoking to see the magic.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @jilliandempsey