Believe it or not, there is actually an art to applying lipstick. From making sure it doesn’t smudge to not stain your teeth, there are a few lipstick tricks that every woman should know. Let’s face it, no makeup look is complete without adding a pop of color to your lips. So check out these lipstick tricks, guaranteed to make your lips look oh-so-luscious.

10 Lipstick Tricks Every Woman Should Know

1. Give your lips regular attention.

You need to pamper your lips, so make sure to exfoliate them at least once a week, because chapped flaky lips never look good with lipstick. Also, be sure to apply lip balm as much as you can, especially every night before you sleep.

2. Create your own colors. 

You need to know which shades of lipstick go well with your skin tone. Try mixing and matching shades on your hand to create a color that is perfect for you.

3. Know how to use lip liner to your advantage. 

Whether it is to make your lips appear bigger or prevent your lipstick from smudging, make sure to invest in a good and nice shade of lip liner.

4. Keep your lips relaxed. 

This is by far one of the most important lipstick tricks. In order to make sure your lipstick is applied perfectly, keep your lips relaxed and slightly open, as if you are saying, ‘oh’.

5. Don’t remove your lipstick when applying makeup.

You need to be sure of the lipstick color you chose to apply on to your lips. There is nothing worse than a red area surrounding your lips from the smudging with makeup remover. Test it out on your hand before applying.

6. Try to keep your lipstick in its original shape.

It is important that you try and keep the tip of the lipstick pointy. Once it curves into a ball, you are increasing chances of smudging when applying lipstick. To do that, never use the pointy part to apply lipstick, use the flat area.

7. The perfect everyday lipstick is…

A shade of pink that is a touch deeper than the original color of your lips.

8. Always apply a base.

This will help soothe your lips if they are chapped before applying your lipstick. It also makes the process of applying lipstick much easier.

9. When mixing colors...

Apply the first shade of lipstick all over your lips. Next, apply the second color just to the middle of your lips, under the cupid bow. Blend them and you will create the perfect mix of colors.

10. Always do the tissue trick.

Whether you applied too much or just the right amount, always do the tissue trick before you head out the door. This will reduce your chances of a lipstick stain on your teeth, and make your lipstick look perfect.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @rosiehw