A lot of people are curious about getting an eyelash perm, what is it, the side effects of eyelash perming, and the details on eyelash perm vs lash lifts. So we're today we'll brief on some of the details you might be eager to read about. 

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NOTE: First off we must start with a warning that eyelash perm solutions are not FDA approved and they have warned against the chemicals and adhesives that are used in the treatment. The eyelids are an extremely delicate area and the perm can not only irritate the eye, but also cause an allergic reaction and in some cases burning. It can even affect sight and cause blindness if it gets in the eye. 

Also, if it is left on too long, it could break the lashes or make the fall out. That's why it's essential that you find the most trusted clinic and highly skilled professional. You must ask your them for the ingredients so you can check them and make sure you're not allergic to anything. Do not perm your lashes at home!

It is always safer and less risky to avoid having such chemicals close to your eyes. There are many alternatives like false eyelashes, mascara, and eyelash curlers.

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What is the difference between a lash lift and eyelash perm?

Eyelash Perm

For this treatment, a cylindrical rod is used to curl the lashes more tightly and open up the eye. This leaves your lashes semi-permanently lifted for weeks. This happens because the applied chemicals help breakdown the protein bonds in your lashes and therefore form new ones on the curling rod. 

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Eyelash Lift

With last lifts, they push and curl the lashes themselves from the root of the base to give the appearance of longer lashes. They use the same chemical solution as the lash perm but with a different shaped device. A lash lift has a slightly longer-lasting result. It is considered a more updated version of a lash perm. 

Eyelash Perm Pros:

1. You don't need to use an eyelash curler or even mascara, if you like, however they don't make lashes thicker or darker.

2. Lasts around 4 weeks or sometimes up to 2 or 3 months

3. They are not supposed to hurt.

4. You can pick the rod size that suits you best and determines how tight your curl would be. 

5. It only lasts around 45 min up to an hour. 

6. They look great for people with really long lashes or straight lashes that are long and grow downwards. They're also best for women with wide and open eyes. 

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Eyelash Perm Cons:

1. Eyerisk and eye damage. Check the note above.

2. You have less of a chance of lash damage or having them be over curled if you do an lash lift. 

3. You have to keep them completely dry for 24 hours (or some time based on your doctor's instructions). This also includes mascara, swimming and showering. 

4. They can make your lashes appear shorter. That's why they're better for those with long lashes. Lash lifts, however, are more suited for all different lash lengths because they lift from the root of the lash. 

5. They sometimes need freshening up or top-up at the clinic.

6. Not as up to date as lash lifts, which are the newer form of this treatment. 

7. Do not last as long as lash lifts, which have a slightly longer-lasting result.

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