We found that a lot of women were looking for how to look younger at 40 with makeup. Makeup is a magical tool that enhances natural beauty and can make you look fresh and glowy. When our skin ages, makeup application can start to seem harder, but it's actually easier than you think when you know about the right makeup tips for mature skin

That's why we looked for the makeup tutorials for mature skin for women in their 40, 50 and after their 60's as well. These tutorials were by some of the best makeup artists out there. They gave some amazing easy tips on enhancing your natural beauty and how to  make your makeup look more youthful

Makeup Tips for Mature Skin:

1. Your base makeup

With your base makeup, foundation and concealer, it is very important to use fresh and hydrating base makeup. Anything too dry, heavy or matte could sit in the lines, get stuck between wrinkles and make the skin look older...which is why some makeup artists recommend using tinted moisturisers.

Avoid using anything too heavy under the eyes because if the concealer is too thick or heavy it will crease. Also make sure you use your fingers a lot to make sure everything is well blended in and isn't just sitting on the skin.

2. Your eye makeup 

Use makeup to emphasize your eyes and make them look bright, open and lifted. Like using darker shadows in the outer corners, crevices and the lash line.

Anything too shimmery or metallic could bother you when you're older. If you're scared of shimmer, you can still get the beauty benefits of it if you pick the right placements for it. Like in the inner corners to brighten the eyes or in the center of the lash line. 

The older we get the more we need to define around our eyes. Defining the eyes with the simplest things can really define your whole face. Also curling your lashes can make a huge difference. 

3. Blush and lips

Creams blush is highly recommended for mature skin. It gives a glowy, youthful look and rosyetoned blushes give a nice, healthy glow. 

For lips, you want to define the lips by using lip liner before your lipstick. It makes a really big difference.

4. Just have fun

All these tips were derived from these amazing videos below by experts and makeup artists. And the main thing you have to remember is just to enjoy your skin and embrace everything about it. If you want to break the rules and play around with shimmer and color, then do that! Age will never take that away from you. 

Makeup Tutorials for Mature Skin:

Glowy Fresh Natural Makeup for Mature Skin

This is a beautiful chic makeup look that's all about enhancing your features and making the skin glow. Hindash also gives amazing makeup tips. 

Glowing Youthful Makeup for Mature Skin

You can make your skin glowing and youthful with the simplest tips and techniques. Lisa Eldridge shows you how to perfect your skin and the little things that make a big difference.

How to Do a Winged Eyeliner on Mature Eyes

Winged liner for wrinkled eyes can be tricky but Schellea Fowler has an amazing technique that is a must try!

Glamorous Makeup for Mature Women

Charlotte Tilbury breaks all the rules perfectly and shows how shimmer can look incredible on 60+ women, featuring her very own mom. This is a must see. 

Makeup Tutorial with Red Lipstick for Mature Skin 

Whoever said you can't wear red lipstick or colored makeup? This tutorial shows the power of a red lip and how to play with color in a chic subtle way. 

Foundation Makeup Tutorial for Mature Skin  

I have found that most beauty articles listed Charlotte Tilbury's Magic foundation under the best foundations for mature skin over 40. This tutorial shows that with the right foundation, full coverage can actually work for mature skin...

Main Image Credits: Instagram @monicabellucciofficiel