A couple of years back I fell into a deep deep binge on Sara Crampton's blog Harper & Harley. Besides my love for her minimalistic and clean style, I was also fascinated by her natural beauty and beautiful dewy skin. She had mentioned a foundation trick she does and it stuck with me, and even though I don't practice it enough myself, I know a lot of women who would absolutely love this for their daily foundation routine...take a look. 

This is for when you're looking to make a heavy foundation you have lighter for daily use or dewier for when your skin's feeling dry or you want that extra glow. I do the following for 2 reasons, first for when I want to sheer out the foundation and have more of a tinted moisturiser type of coverage and second for when I don't have time to spend even a minute blending my foundation seamlessly (I'm a bit fussy about that). Check out below how to make your foundation look more natural and dewy and help keep your skin hydrated. 

1. Adding moisturiser to foundation

If you're looking for hydration, add on the back of your hand the usual pump of your foundation and then eye ball a small blob of your moisturizer. The ratio between them depends on your preference and how much coverage you want.

2. Adding highlighter to foundation

Another thing is adding liquid highlighter or illuminator to your foundation. Again the ratio depends on how much glow you want. Add the amount of drops you want to your foundation on the back of your hand, although I should warn you start off with a small amount because you might find the illuminator to be a bit strong. Mix them together and apply to your face. This gives off a beautiful lit from within glow. The skin ends up looking healthy and less one dimensional.

3. Mixing both moisturiser and highlighter to foundation

Finally, you can add them both to your foundation. This will give the skin an even more dewier look and Sara advises you lightly add powder if you want the makeup to last longer. Powder will also help control the shine in the areas you don't want it.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @harperandharley