After Ramadan, sleep deprivation and unhealthy eating habits...our skin and eyes are tired, actually exhausted, and crying for help. In that case I usually recommend a hefty skincare routine to redeem the situation and lots of sleep, however, not everyone has the time and energy for that. That's when natural dewy makeup comes in...

I personally don't like to put on a lot of makeup, when my face is tired, because I always feel like something looks off, especially with my skin. I noticed the more I try to hide any imperfections the more off and unnatural my face looks, so I I try to keep it natural and have my skin show through.

So, how to look less tired with makeup? I have this makeup routine that is perfect for when I need look healthy and like I've slept for 3 consecutive days. It really boosts the skin and gives it a wonderful glow. You look fresh, and most importantly you're not irritated because you don't have tons of layers on. 

Check out this natural glowy makeup tutorial and let us know what you think or even DM us a recreation of this look.