Eid is approaching and we running to stores to buy our new clothes. Even though it’s the right time to spend money on shopping, I'm are here to tell you the golden Eid shopping do’s and don’ts so you won’t have the "what was I thinking when I bought this" moments and to help you get the best eid shopping experience.

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Shopping tips to save money and time:

1. Know what you need ahead of time

Before you go shopping, take a look at your wardrobe and our fashion section and write a list of items that you really need. Prioritizing is the goal. Ask yourself what do I need the most? Evening outfits? Jeans? Sleepwear? All of the above?! So, don't go shopping randomly. It is the worst thing you can do to your bank account. 

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2. Stick to a budget

Always stick to a budget. You don’t want to go broke while shopping and right before Eid. Assign a budget and try as much as you can to stick to it. I know it’s challenging but if you do this often, you will be able to control your shopping habits and save up for other things as well.

3. Don’t buy anything without trying it on first

Never ever pick something and leave without making sure it looks good on you and it’s the right size. This will spare you the pain of returning to the store again for an exchange.

4. Don’t buy the first thing you see

If you go to a mall, which I recommend you do, take a look at at least 5 or more stores so you will get the chance to asses who has better options and more affordable products instead of rushing and regretting anything.

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5. Keep the receipts

Always ask about the refund and exchange policy before buying and keep the receipt in a safe place for when you change your mind about any item.

6. Check your clothes well before buying

Make sure your item doesn’t have any flaws, holes or tears before buying it. 

7. Make sure you are buying the item for the right reasons

During the Eid we are pressured to buy new clothes even if we don't need them or don't find anything we like. Don’t do that! Buy an item because you need it, love it and it makes you feel great, even if it means only buying socks!

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8. Don’t fall for the discount game

Remember, you are here in the store because you need something specific, so unless you want to buy yourself an entirely new wardrobe and have been saving up, don’t go crazy over the '20% and 30% off' tags. You might end up with a pile of things you don’t actually need.

9. Choose the best timing

Choose a time when stores are the least crowded because it can affect your shopping experience drastically. You are more likely to rush a decision and buy the wrong thing when the store is full of people, your legs are in pain and you just want to get it over with. 

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10. Check out our reviews

We always review clothes and products and tell you about our honest experience to help you make better shopping decisions. Make sure to check Fustany Wore It and Fustany Tried It before you head out for Eid shopping.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @aminamuaddi