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The Best Online Stores for Home Shopping in Egypt

Mai Atef
6/15/20, 12:00 AM

Most of us are spending most our time indoors, which has had a positive impact on us, where we want to take more care of our home and make it a place that brings us joy. Decor, no matter how simple it is, can have that effect on us. So we thought we'd make a list of the best online stores for home shopping so you can buy your home needs and change up your home decor.

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Zara Home

Zara Home offers a lot of chic and simple home decor for homes. From simple accessories for the bedroom and living room to kitchen utensils, dishes, cups and napkins. They also have  bed covers, sheets and pillows. You can change the look of your home with a simple and soft touch, expressing your personality. 


Image Credits: Instagram @zarahome

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H&M Home

H&M home have beautiful bright and modern home decor pieces. They don't have actual furniture but the everyday accessories you needs like bed covers, vases and pillows. They also have chic and elegant kitchen and bathroom decor.


Image Credits: Instagram @hmhome

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We all know Ikea has everything, from decor and furniture to beds, wardrobes and storage units? They have everything you could need for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and even garden. The also have amazing storage solutions to help your organize any mess you're struggling with around the house.


Image Credits: Instagram @classy.home.edition


Mosha are relatively new but extremely promising, you can find on their Instagram account a lot of practical, simple and sleek home accessories for your kitchen, balcony and garden. They have a lot of practical pieces like tray tables, dish organizers, stackable chairs and storage units. 


Image Credits: Instagram @moshaegypt

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If you want to add new chairs or a special couch to your living room, this is the place to go. You can buy all types of home furniture and decor for your home, from modern styles to more traditional classic home decor. 


Image Credits: Instagram @manzzeli


You must have heard of Namshi before. They have a lot of decor necessities. They have cute and simple accessories that can completely change the feel of a room. You will definitely enjoy buying some things from them. 


Image Credits: Instagram @namshi

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @zarahome


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