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Bored of Your Home Decor? Here's How to Easily Change It Up!

Mai Atef
5/6/20, 12:00 AM

You now have the opportunity and time to update your home decor and change it up so your home brings you joy and more calmness. You can do this either by buying new home furniture or by decorating with stuff you already have. Get to know these home decor tips to help you freshen and update your home. 

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Rearranging furniture and decorating with stuff you already have...

Everybody needs some tips for home decorating ideas on a budget. You can start by changing the place of the furniture. Play and move things around. You can do this in every room, not just your living room and reception. You can even move furniture from one room to another. This is why it's best to draw a diagram of everything you have in mind about your home's new look. 


Set a budget for your home decor update

If you intend to renovate, you should set a specific budget for everything you need, from buying basic home furniture to the simple accessories or decorations. What can help you sett the budget is looking at the prices online and making an estimate of how much things would cost you based on your requirements and the prices.

How can you switch out your decor without buying furniture?

 Make a list of the furniture you need to change/buy

If you think that you can't buy new furniture without leaving the house, think again. Many furniture stores offer online home furniture shopping, like IKEA or Zara Home. All you have to point out the pieces you want to replace; sofa, table, light units etc...and then start shopping for their new replacements.

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Measurement and furniture sizes

Before buying any new furniture, make sure you measure the and point out the detailed measurements for the corners or spots you want to fill.  This will help prevent any mishaps or mistakes, where the furniture won't fit or be the right size. 


Less space can be more! Here's how...

Where to start?

If you're confused with your home decorating on where to start, we suggest you begin by focusing on the basic pieces in the room, like the bed and wardrobe. Then you can move to decoration, like paintings or the finer details.


How to decorate and change the look of your walls

There is more than one way to freshen up the look of your walls. You can buy paint yourself and change the colors of the walls.  Or you can put a wallpaper that is fun, exciting or something that makes you happy to look at it. Just make sure it fits with your furniture and they don't clash. You can also add an art installation or make a huge arrangement of frames that would completely change the look of the room. 

How to match wall colors with your home furniture?


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