Choosing your dressing room decor for a really small space is very hard and misconceived as impossible. However, having a dressing room or a walk in closet does not need as much space as you think. It's all about smart planning and utilising the space you have to its fullest. For example, if you have a moderately sized bedroom, you can always use a small part of it to make yourself a small dressing room. There are a lot of ideas below on how to create a dressing room for a small space, so take a look before giving up on the idea...

Use a Clothing Rack


Clothing racks are a great solution for a lot of space saving concerns. You can hang on them you essentials and the clothes you reach out for the most. All you have to do is buy either a basic  metal clothing rack or hang one if you want to save even more space. You can even have it be a part of dressing room, if you want save money or shelf space. Clothing racks can also be beautiful for decor, you can display your most fabulous shoes at the bottom and they'll add a nice touch to the room. 

Use Storage Boxes & Drawers


You can create your very mini dressing room or wardrobe by using a stand to hang different types of clothes, while leaving space or units underneath to place storage boxes and drawers. These will be great for storing pants and skirts, which might be difficult to hang. Storage boxes can also be used to store shoes. 

Shelves of Different Sizes & Shapes


A smart trick for small dressing rooms is making a lot of shelves with different shapes and sizes. That way you can hang some clothes, fold others and have a place for everything. Make sure you consider the space you have and plan it out well, with spots for shoes and bags as well. If you don't like having to see your shelves all the time, you can hide them by placing curtains in front of them or make sliding door.

A Small Open Closet


It is possible for you to have an open traditional wardrobe, you just need to find a small space or corner for it and pick shelving and compartments that aren't too bulky. Drawers will also help you out a lot when it comes to accessories and storing things you don't need all the time. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @muesdesign