Your kitchen is either the most beautiful and relaxing space or an absolute mess and chaos of clutter and boxes. For those of you who really care about 'the pleasing of the eye' with color codes and perfect organization, this gallery below is your heaven. These pictures will show you how you can unbox all the packages in your kitchen and place them in beautiful clear boxes that will not only look great but make your life 10 times easier. Even your fridge can be the most aesthetically pleasing and 'easy to grab from' space.

The best thing about these, is how easy and simple the storage concept is. You don't need to redo a kitchen or install shelves for most of these ideas. You just need to get some containers and have an eye for what looks good in what place. This will make you want to organize your kitchen and start cooking or serving people because of how easy and pretty everything is.

Main Image Credits: Ella Claire