Have you ever stood in your kitchen and wondered how to clean your fridge properly? A fridge is a thing that we use every day. It's this happy place that stores your food, unhealthy cravings and mouthwatering desserts. Tossing out unnecessary products and cleaning out your fridge should be done nearly every week. Since a fridge is an environment where bacteria can grow, you should check out the following 10 steps to clean your fridge the right way...

1. Cleaning your fridge may require a bit of scrubbing and the doors will probably stay open the entire time you're cleaning it, so before you clean your fridge, make sure to unplug it from electricity to save energy and stay safe.

2. Before you clean your fridge, you need to make sure it’s empty. Take out every thing from your fridge step by step in order to empty it. Toss all the unneeded or expired products, fruits and vegetables.

3. After it's emptied out, it’s now time to clean your fridge from the inside. Start out with the shelves or the attachments that are removable from your fridge, such as the drawers and containers.

4. Now you're a step closer to get your fridge cleaned properly! After taking out the shelves, place them in the kitchen sink and wash them using cold water, sponge and soap. Use extra soap or a little bit of ammonia to remove heavy duty stains. After you wash them and make sure there’s no excess soap, then leave them to dry.

5. Now it’s time to clean the inside of the fridge. Spray some stain spray on a damp wash cloth and wipe the walls, the doors and the surface of the fridge. Don’t forget about the egg tray, ice tray and any hidden spots.

6. When it comes to the fridge’s rubber seal, make sure to handle it with care and avoid at all costs washing it with water. You can add some of the multi-tasking spray cleanser on a soft old toothbrush and go over the rubber seal gently. Go over it with a wash cloth to remove any extras.

7. Leave the doors of your fridge open for around 30 minutes, and before putting back the shelves, containers and drawers, make sure to wipe them with a dry wash cloth.

8. Before you put back the food again, make sure to wipe the jars, bottles, and all the plastic or glass containers. Also make sure to double check the expiry dates of each and every product while you put them back in your fridge.

9. You may find that the spray or the cleanser has left a bit of a smell inside your fridge, so in order to combat this, make sure to put some coffee in a tiny cup or some baking soda in the corner of your fridge to keep it odor-free.

10. Never forget to clean your fridge from the outside too, clean the handles and doors as they hold endless amount of bacteria.