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Six Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Cup of Coffee in the Morning

Nada Allam
10/27/14, 12:00 AM

Let me start by saying that too much of anything is never good! However, that morning cup of coffee is actually doing a lot of good, more than you can imagine! So coffee lovers, pay good attention to the rest of this article, because you just might fall in love with coffee all over again. Coffee is not just a wake up call, those ground beans are so much more, here are six reasons why you should never skip your morning cup of coffee. 

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1. Coffee is filled with antioxidants, that doesn't mean you should ditch the fruits that are filled with antioxidants. But, you are entitled to know what is in your cup of coffee. 

2. You know that moment, when you get a whiff of that cup of coffee, or when you open up the jar of coffee beans. You take in the smell and you find yourself sighing with happiness, correct? That is because the aroma of coffee makes you feel less stressed.

3. Speaking of emotions, coffee has been linked to preventing depression. Think about it, don't you feel happy after drinking your morning cup of coffee, and ready to start the day once it kicks in. That is all thanks to its antioxidants! 

4. Having breakfast before you decide to exercise is not the best idea. So if you are wondering what to eat or drink before you workout, then coffee is a good option. It will elevate your performance, so go ahead and don't be afraid to lift those heavy weights. It also burns fats quite fast. Did I mention that coffee also helps with post workout soreness. 

5. Coffee doesn't just wake you up, it also makes you sharp and helps with your memory. Ever noticed how much you are focused at your work or studies after drinking a cup of coffee?

6. According to studies, coffee lovers are less likely to be subjected to 'Type 2 Diabetes,' are less likely to develop skin cancer, and are at a lower risk of developing Alzheimer. 

Honestly, do I need to give you more reasons?

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