Did you know that you should clean your electric kettle at least once a week? Think about it, how many times do you use the kettle to boil your water, and how often do you leave extra water in your kettle overnight? Quite often, right? I mean at least twice every day, which means there is a high chance of gunk or limescale build up that will clog up on the sides of the kettle. Let me tell you, drinking your tea with white gunk isn't really pleasant, so a thorough cleaning of your kettle is quite necessary.

Limescale or gunk are white messy substances that are found on the sides of your kettle and cannot be removed by scrubbing, or at least not without scrubbing off the inner surface of your kettle. So, how can you clean your electric kettle?

1. It is quite simple really, start by filling your kettle, half way up, with vinegar and water. Make sure the amount of both are equal, so pour the water and vinegar at the same time. 

2. Start up your kettle and leave it to boil the water and the vinegar mix.

3. After the water has boiled, leave the water and the vinegar to soak in the kettle. 

4. After the mix has cooled down, it is time to empty it. 

5. Once you removed the water and the vinegar from the kettle, rinse it out with cold water. 

Voila, you have yourself a super clean electric kettle and can enjoy your hot drink, gunk free.

Tip: You can also use lemons and water to clean out your electronic kettle, it will leave your kettle smelling lemony fresh. 

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