Owning a small bedroom is not as bad as you may think. Sometimes this small space can be a challenge, but this is when you should start being creative. Don’t let this problem stop you from enjoying the time you spend at home! Let me help you make the best out of a small bedroom, with these few tips and pictures I found on Pinterest.

1. Buy multi-functional furniture.

When you buy a bed, for example, make sure this bed has a storage area under it. This storage area comes in many shapes and sizes. You can always store items under a regular bed, but the reason why you need a bed with storage, is because it looks neater and it protects your stuff from dust.

2. Use the walls of the bedroom.

Try to use wall hangers and get creative. For example, you can use them to store handbags. Also, try to look for fold-able furniture, like desks and chairs, so you can make the best out of your small bedroom.

3. Invest in a small desk.

Instead of a small side table next to your bed, invest in a small desk, which will serve you as a working space and as a table to leave your stuff on at night.

4. Hang your money where you can see it.

Ditch the large and bulky closets, and buy a simple and well organized closet with no doors. Even a better idea, buy a clothes rail, and hang your clothes on it right in front of you. Buy a couple of boxes to store the clothes you cannot hang, or the expensive shoes you need to keep away from dust, and put them on the floor in an artistic way.

5. Fix some shelves randomly around the room.

Shelves will serve you for almost everything. You can use them to display mementos, frames, etc. They don't take much space, and they can help you make the best out of your small bedroom. 

6. Invest in a nice standing mirror.

The use of mirrors is crucial for small bedrooms, as they make it seem bigger. Standing mirrors are great, because they serve you as a dresser too. You can put your makeup and beauty products on hanged shelves next to the mirror, and you won't even feel like you took any space out of your room.  

7. Organize your drawers. 

If you have any kind of drawers in your room, always make sure you have them sectioned and organized. Include in them organizers to help you, which you can find in any home accessories store.