The living room is one of the most important areas in any home. Isn't the living room always the family's most favorite room at the house? Yes, and that's why a living room should be cozy. There are many elements that can help you make a living room cozy, and so I'll share with you some photos to inspire you.

As you're starting to furnish your living room, make sure to choose a (super!) comfortable couch. Afterwards, you can add lots of pillows and a throw for a snuggly feel. Another important factor to make your living room cozy, is to have lots of family photos, whether hanged on the wall or framed on tables.

Still need ideas to create an intimate living room space? Plants can always be your go-to trick! Yes, they add life to the living room. You can also add a rug, some of your favorite collectibles and any artwork that you love, to keep the room visually interesting.

Now it's time to scroll through and see these 35 photos of living room ideas to help you make your home cozy.