Top 10 Stores to Shop for Home Accessories and Gifts in Cairo

Zeinab El-Fiqi
6/21/16, 12:00 AM

A well-furnished home is not complete without the right set of photo frames, the right flower vase and the right cushion! If you live in Egypt, here are the top 10 stores to shop for home accessories and gifts in Cairo; a diverse selection providing you with a wide range of styles and interesting picks.

Whether you like oriental and Egyptian home accessories or you like contemporary and modern accessories, you’ll find what you’re looking for in these 10 stores for home accessories.  

1. Popup Shop

Popup shop is the destination for anything eccentric and unique. The diversity of the shop is very wide; you can find everything from table napkins to unique coffee tables, clothes and shoes - it’s every woman’s dream shop, and that's why it's on our list of the top 10 stores for home accessories and gifts in Cairo.

2. Kalla Home Fashions

Kalla Home Fashions is absolutely the right name for this shop. At Kalla, you can shop for a collection of hip contemporary accessories as well as indoor and outdoor furniture. If you’re looking for handpicked accessories from exotic places from all over the world, then Kalla is the place to head to!

3. Tanagra

Tanagra store has got a wide collection of chic accessories, they also have a selection of fabrics, home accents, lighting and unique furniture pieces. So, Tanagra is literally the place to get everything for your home in just one visit!  

4. Sia

Do you like chic and elegant home accessories? Then head to Sia; a French franchise that offers you a unique wide range of decorative accessories that ranges from candle-holders, candles, flowers, trees, big flower pots, furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles, children toys and much more. Basically, Sia is your key to a chic home.

5. Belaraby

People who love Arabian, Bedouin, and Nubian interiors will love Belaraby. From trays inspired by the beauty of the south of Egypt to unique chairs inspired by the Egyptian heritage, you'll find everything you need in Belaraby.

6. Zara Home

As if being obsessed with Zara's clothes collections is not enough, Zara Home will make your home as stylish and coordinated as your outfit. From bed sheets to beautiful flower vases and unique little miniatures, you’ll absolutely love every single item at Zara Home.

7. ABn’G

ABn’G concept store is the perfect place to look for local and international designers; this unique store offers beautiful and edgy furniture pieces, one-of-a-kind home accessories, and fashion items. Just visit the store, and you'll know why it's included in our list of the best places to shop for home accessories in Cairo.

8. Asfour El Nil

Looking for some positive vibes? Then head to Asfour El Nil, where you’ll find a lot of patch work furniture, colorful home accessories, and even unique women accessories.

9. Dokan Boutique

Dokan Boutique is part of Image home department store, your one-stop shop for all your home needs! Dokan Boutique offers you more than just furniture and home accessories, they offer you unique designs that you won't find anywhere else.

10. Kare Egypt.

Kare is an international brand that opened in Egypt many years ago, and since then, everything has changed. Kare offers a wide range of furniture, lighting, furnishing accessories and gift articles. Trust us, you'll find some of best accessories for your home there!


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