More Than 100 Unique Gift Ideas for Women to Make Your Life Easier!

Jasmine Kamal
1/23/20, 12:00 AM

Finding the perfect gift can be hard. There are so many options out there and we found that people seem to have run out of ideas when it comes to gift ideas for women. It seems like men and women are both constantly on the hunt for finding gift ideas for women who already have everything. So, even though it might seem like she has everything we're pretty sure she's missing at least one of the 113 gift ideas below...

So, take a look at the ideas below and we know you're bound to find something. We've curated a list of unique gift ideas that are really diverse in budget, type, style and taste, so make your pick...or picks!

Cosmetics and Skincare Gift Ideas

Makeup Gifts:

1. Well known high quality makeup brush set.

2. Lipstick of her favorite color.

3. Blush compact in a natural shade.

4. Eyeliner.

5. Mascara from a high-end brand.

6. A makeup collection/set that has all the essentials. A lot of brands have them.

7. A really good eyeshadow palette.

Perfumes Gifts:

8. Paris-Riviera by Chanel.

9. Into The Night by Bath & Body Works.

10. Idôle Le Parfum by Lancôme.

11. Bohemian Musk by Massimo Dutti.

12. Mémoire D'une Odeur by Gucci.

13. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

14. Miss Dior by Dior.

15. Si by Armani.

16. Oud Wood by Tom Ford.

Nails Gifts:

17. Manicure and Pedicure Kit.

18. Gel nail polish set.

19. Acrylic nail brushes set.

20. Electronic nail file. 

21. Hand creams, nail strengthener and nail care set. 

Skincare and Body Care Gift Ideas: 

22. Forio (Luna) Facial Cleansing Brush.

23. Forio Hydration Pack.

24. Face Massager.

25. Body Massager.

26. Glam Glow Supermud Super Clear Pore Clarifying Skin Set.

27. Facial steamer.

28. The Ordinary no-brainer skincare set.

29. Collection of sheet masks.

30. A set that includes a body scrub and a facial exfoliant.

31. Skin care kit that include a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer. 

32. Microderm device to exfoliate and smooth the skin.

33. Facial hair removal device.

34. Body hair removal device.

35. Tocca Hand Cream Set.

36. Essential oils set.

37. The Vitamin E Range by The Body Shop.

38. Foot File by Scholl.

39. Yves Rocher Body and Shower Set

Hair Care Gift Ideas

40. Curly Hair Care Set (shampoo, conditioner, leave in).

41. Curly Hair Care Tools (microfiber towel, satin cap, brush).

42. L'Oreal hair care collection.

43. Pearl hair accessories and hair clips.

44. Hair earrings.

45. Hair bandanas.

46. Hair straightener.

47. Curling iron.

48. Hair straightening brush.

49. Hair dryer.

Gift ideas for girls who love fashion Clothes:

50. Thermal pyjamas.

51. A robe.

52. Satin pyjamas.

53. Denim jacket.

54. A special dress in her favorite color.

55. Scarf collection in different colors or designs.

56. A high quality warming shawl or blanket scarf. 

57. A skirt that fits her style.

58. A faux fur jacket.

59. A Blazer in a neutral color like black, camel or grey.

60. Trench coat.

61. Leather jacket.

62. Sportswear/activewear if she's active. 

63. A collection of veils for Hijabis. 

64. Nice Lingerie from Victoria's Secret.

Accessories Gift Ideas:

65. A silver necklace with her name on it or a phrase she loves. 

66. A pretty pair of earrings.

67. A collection of belts in different colors or designs.

68. Sunglasses.

69. Watch.

70. Bracelets.

71. Pandora bracelet or charm.

72. Gold ring or gold bracelet.

73. A Tennis Bracelet.

74. Chic high-end wallet.

Bags Gift Ideas:

75. Good quality handbag.

76. Belt bag.

77. Small evening clutch.

78. Gym bag.

79. Backpack.

80. Custom-made bag.

Shoes Gift Ideas:

81. Nice evening heels.

82. Knee-high boots.

83. Good quality comfortable sneakers.

84. Classic flats.

85. Slippers.

Other Gift Ideas for women:

87. Spa voucher.

88. Beauty salon voucher.

88. Shopping voucher from her favorite clothing store.

89. A photo album of your memories together.

90. Surprise her with a plane ticket and an organized trip. 

91. Book a night at a luxury hotel.

92. Customized special painting or art piece that is meaningful to both of you. 

93. A Big box filled with different types of gifts.

94. Send her a video telling her 10 reasons you love her. 

95. Make an order from her favorite fast food chain and send it to her doorstep. 

96. A beautiful flower bouquet.

97. A box of eternal roses.

98. A collection of books by her favorite author.

99. Book her a diving course.

100. Coffee machine. 

101. Smart phone or iPad.

102. Wireless earphones.

103. A high quality yoga mat.

104. Subscription to Netflix, Shahid or Amazon Prime.

105. Book her session with a makeup artist.

106. Book her a photoshoot session.

107. Book her a facial. 

108. Polaroid Camera.

109. A DSLR camera. 

110. Customized thermal mug. 

111. A professional cooking course.

112. Luxury planner and pen.

113. Ikea or Zara Home gift card.

Finally, if she's not into any of these ideas or she somehow has them all, you can just give her your credit card and give it a rest....


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